Travelogue: Monkeys at Sunrise, or Waking Up in What Seems Like a Disney Cartoon

Balinese Adventure Part 29

Michael Taylor assumes that surely Bali has run out of ways to surprise and amaze him. That’s until he awakes at dawn and witnesses a troop of moneys watching the sun rise over the ocean at Nusa Dua.

I’ve followed a festive procession from my hotel to the beach, witnessed a triple cremation, stumbled upon beautiful Hindu festivals, and ridden and bathed with elephants. What more could possibly happen to me on this amazing Balinese adventure?

How about sharing a sunrise with monkeys?

I awake at 6 am in the morning. Normally I would try go back to sleep, but through my window I can see a nascent sunrise.

Walking onto my balcony, I decide that this isn’t the best spot to take pictures of it. I decide to go outside in search of unobstructed views.

I no sooner get outdoors than I spot a group of monkeys sitting quietly on a ledge watching the sky turn amazing shades of yellow, orange, red, and gold.

I’ve collected lots of sunsets in my day, but few sunrises. I can understand what has captured the attention of these primates. The sky is stunningly beautiful. Apparently monkeys have an aestetic sense just like we do.

Lion King

As I watch the monkeys watch the sunrise, I am reminded of some of those magical wildlife scenes in the Lion King. Is this where animators get their inspiration? I feel as though I’ve been transplanted into a Disney cartoon!

‘Battery exhausted,’ my viewfinder reads. I go back indoors to change batteries. By the time I return, the monkeys are gone.

“Another lost photo opp,” I think.

I decide to forget about the monkeys. I’ll focus on taking pictures of the sunrise. As I explore the grounds of the Samabe Bali Villas and Resort, where I am spending 3 days and 2 nights, however, I quickly stumble across the monkeys again.

This time they are making their ways across the East Wing of the resort. They seem to be easily distracted. I’m not sure if they’re seeking food or adventure – or both.

Please Don’t Feed the Monkeys!

BTW, in case you’re wondering, these are not pet monkeys brought in by the hotel for the entertainment of hotel guests. 

Their forebears were living here before the resort was built. And their descendants will be living here after the resort is torn down.

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