Travelogue: the Advantages of Staying at a Mass Market Resort

Balinese Adventure Part 30

Michael Taylor’s Balinese Adventure has ended in real time, but it continues in Cyberspace. Today he discusses the advantages of staying at a mass market resort.

The Mulia, Mulia Resort, and Mulia Villas are 3 hotels in one. Each one of the 3 properties targets a distinctly different market.

The first is an all-suite property with 111 suites. The second has a variety of rooms and suites. The third comprises villas with from one to 6 bedrooms. It is set apart from the other 2 properties in an exclusive enclave of its own.

I spent a total of 30 nights in Bali on my last trip, staying at 12 different properties. Most of them were boutique properties, some with fewer than 10 rooms.

In contrast, The Mulia was a sprawling complex with several hundred units, lots of food and beverage outlets, and tonnes of facilities. It is one of the largest properties in Bali and by far the largest property that I stayed at during my month long trip.

So which is better – a small hotel or a large hotel? It really depends on what you’re after.

If you want privacy, personalized service, and staff that greet you by name, smalll hotels are best.

Having said that, I WAS, in fact, greeted by name upon my arrival at The Mulia. As it turned out, someone at the front desk that had worked at another resort that I had stayed at in Bali 18 months earlier. He saw me as I was checking in. Remembering me, he came running over and greeted me by name!

“Remember me, Mr Taylor?” he said as I was registering.

“I used to work at the Alila Soori. Good to see you again!”

But I digress …

More Options

Here’s the thing: I like to do things when I’m staying at a resort. I want to take classes, whether it’s a lcooking lesson or a lesson in Thai kickboxing. I want to go bicycling. I want to go swimming. I want to work out. I want to do zumba.

Most of the smaller resorts I stayed at offered activities such as yoga or aerobics, but they are only offered once or twice a week, and they didn’t always coincide with my visit.

The advantage of a large property such as The Mulia is that a full schedule of activities can be offered every day. I was, in fact, able to take two aquarobics classes and a kickboxing lesson on my 2nd day at the resort!

The fitness centre, meanwhile, was fully equipped, and multiple trainers were on duty. So I could do a complete rather than an abbreviated workout,  the same type of workout I would do at my gym at home.

Click here for more pictures of the Mulia


The Mulia, Jalan Raya, Nua Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Telephone: (62-361) 8467777.

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