Reader Feedback: Thai Kick Boxing Posts Draw Keen Interest

My three posts on Thai kick boxing seem to have attracted quite a bit of interest. A sampling of some of the comments I’ve received follows.

My shins hurt watching you kick his pad in your video.  Ouch!!

H. in Palo Alto, California (via Facebook)

Accidental Travel Writer Responds:

Actually, the trainer is so skillful that it doesn’t hurt on impact.


Video bloody excellent! Fantastic! Sorry I didn’t watch it before! Well done!

S. in Macau (via email)

It was fun to watch.

S. in Phuket (via email)

I saw your kick boxing video. Would you train me in kick boxing one day?

P. in Denpasar, Bali (via email)

Accidental Travel Writer Responds:

Will be happy to share with you what I know when I’m in Bali next October!

That kick boxing is quite something. Think I’ll stick to the treadmill, although I’m sure it doesn’t burn nearly as many calories

G. in Auckland, New Zealand (via email)

Looking forward to seeing more interesting videos from your site.

L. in Hong Kong (via email)

The kick boxing video is great, Mike Hong Kong (via email)

Enjoyed your articles and forwarded them to friends. We spent eight days at the Phuket Mariott and love it.

S. in Honolulu, Hawai’i (via email)

I know that kick boxing is your new passion. I’m following your posts in Facebook and your blog, the Accidental Travel Writer.

You’re so active!

I’ve never tried kick boxing, but I can imagine how nice it feels after the exercise.


N., in Nana, Okinawa (via email)

I’m enjoying reader about your Phuket Challenge! Singapore (via email)

You’re fitter than me! Keep up the great work!

N. in Alice Springs, Australia (via Facebook)

Very interesting video.  It does sound like fun.  I wish more American hotels and resorts offered such services to their guests.  They usually just dump these types of things onto the spa.

E. in Kapa’a, Hawaii (via email)

I just saw the defensive kicking video. Pretty coolio. You look spunky!

That gym looks gorgeous. I’m sure you checked out all the amenities to give a proper tour review!

Interesting blog as well, good travel tips and reviews, and so much stuff to read. Ii like the layout, simple, clean, and to the point. I will remember ZUJI for cheap flights and great to see video content as well.

Keep up the great work, and see you at the next work out!

Ciao bella,

L. in Hong Kong (via email)

I can see that you’re getting better and faster. You must have been really tired after that workout.

P. in San Francisco, California


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