Top Things to Do in Thailand in March [2022]


March marks the beginning of Thailand's summer, also known as the hot season. Muay Thai and elephants are in the spotlight. Plus, there are some  out-of-sight music festivals at off-the-beaten track locations. And, a rare chance to ride on a vintage steam train!

Reader Feedback: Thai Kick Boxing Posts Draw Keen Interest

My three posts on Thai kick boxing seem to have attracted quite a bit of interest. A sampling of some of the comments I've received follows. My shins hurt watching you kick his pad in your video.  Ouch!! H. in Palo Alto, California (via Facebook) Accidental Travel Writer Responds: Actually, the trainer is so skillful …

Phuket Challenge: My Thai Kick Boxing Lesson at Paresa

Thailand Michael Taylor's 2 night stay at Paresa, an exclusive 5 star resort on Phuket's Millionaire's Mile, includes a kickboxing lesson in the hotel's well-equipped gym.   As planned, I did laps in Paresa's beautiful infinity swimming pool for an hour. Then I headed to my room to work on my blog. Skipping lunch, I …

Phuket Challenge: How I Became Interested in Kickboxing

I got my introduction to Thai kick boxing 10 months ago at Indigo Pearl Phuket, where I had my first two lessons. This was followed by two lessons with Khun Nan, the fitness instructor at Paresa. Upon my return to Hong Kong, I discovered that kick boxing was offered at Physical, the gym I work …

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