Sailing Off the Coast of Phang Nga in Southern Thailand

I am on yet another press trip. The air is warm – but not suffocatingly so. We are, after all, just North of Phuket in Southern Thailand, which does not suffer the humidity I am all too familiar with in Hong Kong.

Three of us (a small minority) are itching to cut with the formalities and dive right into that inviting azure, sparkling, liquid coolness just a few feet away. “Do you think there might be any sharks out there?” I venture. “Oh, don't be ridiculous!” someone says.

I wait for the person that says this to dive into the drink before following suit. She does, and I do . . .

Italian Made

One by one, a small number of us dive off the side of the 78 foot Spertini Alalunga, built in 1982 in an Italian shipyard near Portofino.  

“It is a true classic boat that has been maintained annually at no expense spared and is kept in immaculate condition,” enthuses Nick Anthony, managing partner, Indigo Real Estate.

“Referred to as the Bentley Turbo of the seas, it is a good sized, spacious comfortable family boat that was one of the best boats in the Med when she was launched and today stands strongly compared to a new boat and will always be a timeless classic.”

Okay. A bit technical for me. I am more interested in the amenities.

You know, how many cabins are there (there are three) and do they have “private en suites” (yes, they do). As I recall it, we spend awhile treating water.

At some point, we are asked to come back on board. A gourmet lunch – with lots of chilled wine! – awaits on a nearby beach! But not before cruising a bit more along the coast, which is dubbed Millionare's Mile in the press release.

Copyright: Michael Taylor 


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