Seattle Seahawks Fans Will Feel Right at Home at Denver Beer Garden!

Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-Loyal Fans

Loyal Seattle Seahawks fans gather at the Rhein Has in Denver, Colorado, to root for the Hawks on game days.


Looking for a Seattle Seahawks bar in Denver? Rhein Haus Biergarten is a sports bar in Denver, Colorado, that has become a popular hangout for fans of the Seattle Seahawks, who gather there on game days to root for their favourite football team.

Seattle Seahawks Bar Denver – the Back Story

Rhine Haus serves a mouth-watering menu that includes shared plates, soups and salads, entres, sides, wurst plates, wurst and pretzel buns, pizzas and desserts.

The draft list runs from Oatmeal Stout to light lagers. dark lagers, unique German ales, American crafts, and several others.

Rhine Haus is located in the LoDo section of downtown Denver, just a short  walk from The Pepsi Center, Auraria Campus, The Colorado Convention Center, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

After Rhine Haus was named as one of the best spots to watch the Seattle Seahawks outside of Seattle in the Top 10 Seattle Seahawks Sports Bar list, Jason Zetteervail, Communications, Mile High Sea Hawkers Booster Club. got in touch, wiriting an impassioned email, singing the beer garden’s praises.

His email follows:

“I’m part of the local chapter of Seahawks fans in Denver, the Mile High Sea Hawkers (MHSH). We’re thrilled you featured our partner bar, Rhein Haus Denver, on your listing of the Top Ten Seahawks Bars on Accidental Travel Writer!

“”t made me think about the partnership and how we’re committed to providing a great environment for Seahawks fans who are Denver residents, visiting from out of town, or just looking for a fun place to watch a great game.

“We’ve built a great community of Seahawks fans here in Denver, and we want to share that experience with anyone who’d like to join us. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share those thoughts with you.


Chris Myers (pictured above), President Mile High Sea Hawkers Booster Club.

“It comes down to our shared pride, our team, and our community. Our President calls it “Sunday Family.”

“They’re a Seattle-based company that’s proud to be home for Seattle fans,and likewise we’re happy to support a restaurant with its roots in Seattle. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and proud of each other.

“The Rhein Haus Manager, Frank, reached out to us after they opened their first location outside of the Seattle area, here in Denver (their original location is in Capitol Hill near Seattle University).

“When they moved out of Seattle for their first time, they wanted to keep the Seattle culture and are committed to maintaining a Seahawks game time feel, so we’re proud to partner with them.

“They’ve been a great team to work with in terms of supporting not just our game watch parties, but also providing food and donations for our events and charity work!

Seattle Seahawks Bar Denver – the Menu

Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-12th Man Menu (1)Rhein Has serves a special 12th Man Menu to Seahawks fans.

“Frank and his staff went all-out in creating a unique 12th Man Menu that features specials for Seahawks fans such as kettle chip nachos, wings, and as Malcolm mentioned, the KAM BRAT!

“The Kam Brat is their unique take on Seattle Dogs served at CenturyLink Field and throughout Seattle. We’re not quite to roasted grasshoppers yet like Safeco Field, though.

“And Rhein Haus also features bocce courts set aside for Seahawks fans! It’s a great way to settle in before a game or for fans to have a little competition of their own.

Seattle Seahawks Bars Denver – the FansNfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-first Signed Jersey Raffle in 2017A fan is overjoyed upon winning a signed jersey raffle.

“We’re a passionate group of fans that came up with our own cheers and unique celebrations too.

“For Primetime games we put on a Touchdown Dance Challenge, and we always feature squares, raffle items, and a decked-out second floor.

“Frank and his team make sure to bring Seattle to us with Seahawks gear, free touchdown shots following every Seahawks visit to the endzone, a Seahawks flag flying proudly outside, and our own 12th Man Flag Raising every game!

Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-Mug Club Cheers  Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-Mug Club Member 10 Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-MHSH Mug ClubMHSH Mug Club members drink beer out of customized beer mugs.

“Of course, as Malcolm mentioned, Rhein Haus also helped us launch the very first MHSH Mug Club featuring specials on all of Rhein Haus’s beer selections in a custom MHSH Mug!

“This club was long in the works, we just didn’t have the right place to make it happen until Rhein Haus became our partner.

“Thanks again for thinking of Rhein Haus Denver and the Mile High Sea Hawkers and sharing our story with your readers! We have an amazing Sunday Family and we welcome everyone to be a part of it.

When Seahawks fans come here they get a great environment for games, and they also support a team committed to Seattle as well as charity work in partnership with Food Bank of the Rockies, disaster relief effort, and a host of other causes. You can check us out at a few places:”

Jason Zetterval, Communications, Mile High Sea Hawkers Booster Club.

Seattle Seahawks Bar Denver – Fan Fotos

Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-Half-time Celebration

Nfl-seattle-seahawks-denver-rhein-haus-Crew in Preseason

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