Hotel Buffet Restaurant Serves Mounthwatering Southeast Asian Street Fare

Singapore Restaurant Review

The restaurant at the Hotel Jen Tanglin in Singapore serves mouthwatering Asian street fare at buffet tables or a la carte in stylish surroundings. So how good is the food?

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J65, the all-day dining restaurant at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.


J65 is one of four food and beverage outlets at the Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, foucsing  on Southeast Asian cuisine.

The dining room of J65 has the look and feel of a Southeast Asian wet market – except it is cleaner, quieter, far more stylish, and much less chaotic.

Food stations are scattered about the room serving everything from salads and soups to dim sum, sushi, and sashimi to Hong Kong style barbecued meats, hot dishes, yummy sandwiches, mouthwatering desserts, fresh fruit, the list goes on.

While the focus is on Southeast Asian cuisine, there are also several international favourites.

There are seafood dinners Friday and Saturday and a Champagne Brunch on Sunday with a free flow of champagne,

I was hosted by the hotel for three nights. Because I had access to the Club Lounge, that’s where I had most of my meals.

I really enjoyed both the atmosphere and the food. The staff were also warm and friendly.

All Day Dining

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J65 is located off the lobby of the Jen Hotel Tanglin Singapore, a 4 star hotel in Singapore. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

I did manage, however, to have one breakfast and one lunch at J65.

For breakfast, I hit the buffet tables, studiously avoiding the typical Western breakfast choices.

They looked fantastic and I was very tempted, but since I was in Singapore, I wanted to sample the types of Singaporean fare you would find at a traditional Singaporean street market.

I was not disappointed. The curries were diverse and plentiful. I also tried the Singapore Chicken, which appeared to be the same as Hainan Chicken. I liked the taste, but I didn’t like the bones.

There are two schools of thought: some people want the bones left in (they think it adds flavour), and other people want the bones removed (they find the splintery bits of bone a bit annoying).

I adhere to the latter school. I think chefs should ask, “With or without bones?”

Southeast Asian Street Food

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Laksa with tiger prawns at J65, a Singapore restaurant at the Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore serving Southeast Asian cuisine. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

For lunch I decided to skip the buffet tables and order a la carte as I was still full from breakfast.

I wanted to try laksa, a hot and sour noodle soup with a coconut milk base. It is popular in both Singapore and Malaysia.

There are many takes on laksa, and there were fully six types of laksa on the restaurant’s menu.

I chose the one with tiger prawns. The serving was very generous, the prawns were succulent, and the broth was yummy.

I would, however, have preferred a bit more heat. I have a feeling they tone it down a bit for overseas diners because they think they can’t handle spicy food.

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Friendly Staff

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The servers at J65 are both friendly and professional. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Jen’s Kitchen On-the-Go

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Jen’s Kitchen )n-the Go, in the lobby of the Jen Hotel Tanglin, Singapore. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

An informal cafe is located right off the lobby. It’s the perfect spot to read, surf the net, or have an informal meeting.

There is comfortable seating for on-site dining and a grab-and-go service for hotel guests in a hurry.

Jen’s Kitchen On-the-Go serves  salads, sandwiches, and other quick bites as well as fruit juice, artisanal coffees, and masala teas.

The hotel also has a Chinese restaurant serving lunch and dinner and a cocktail lounge, which opens in the evening.

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Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore. Telephone: (65) 6831 4333. 


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