Spa Review: Karma Kandara Offers Massages to the Sound of the Surf



Bali Part 21

Michael Taylor has just returned from Bali, where he spent three weeks exploring the sights, sampling the food, learning about the culture, and checking out what’s hot and what’s not in one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting travel destinations.

While his trip has ended in real time, it will continue in Cyberspace for another week. Today he reminisces about the three therapeutic spa treatments he enjoyed while spending three nights at Karma Kandara, a boutique hotel in Southern Bali.


Welcome to Karma Kandara!

Talk about a warm welcome!

Upon arrival at Karma Kandara there were those two very welcome invitations sitting on the coffee table. The first was for a 20 minute welcome foot and shoulder massage at Karma Spa. The second was for cocktails with management at Temple Lounge at sunset.

I looked at my watch. There was just enough time to unpack, do laps in the infinity pool for one hour, and have my 20 minute massage without missing the cocktail party.

All I can say is, that was some welcome massage. Best of all was the announcement upon arrival at the spa that since it wasn’t busy, my 20 minute massage would be extended to 40 minutes. I’m sure, however, that it was closer to one hour.

So I would have to arrive at the cocktail party a few minutes late. Not to worry. I did arrive in time to watch the sun sink dramatically into the Indian Ocean while chatting with new friends and imbiding some yummy signature cocktails!

Karma Men’s Retreat

A two and one half hour Karma Men’s Retreat awaited me on the second day. It began with a 30 minute infrared sauna followed by the one hour massage of my choice. I chose an oil massage. While having my massage, I was offered my choice of a pedicure or a manicure. I chose the former, and my toenails have never felt so smooth.

On my third day, I underwent a 90 minute Balinese massage, and it was total indulgence. I emerged feeling energized and refreshed.

I’ve always said that environment is 50% of the spa experience, and the atmosphere at Karma Spa was sublime. There is a cluster of spa shacks that overlook the Indian Ocean. You can opt for air conditioning or having the windows left open.

I chose to have the windows left open. As a result, I was caressed as much by the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the seashore below as I was by the gentle hands of the expert therapists.




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