Bali 101: a Practical Guide to the Island of Gods

Built in 1663, Pura Bratan is dedicated to water. Photo Credit: Konstantinos- Trovasi.

Bali Travel Basics

Bali  is a large island in Indonesia. Also, it is Indonesia’s most popular travel destination.

In fact, tourism accounts for 80% of the Balinese economy. The island’s unique culture, breathtaking scenery, and hospitable people are among its key attractions.

This Practical Guide to Bali is a quick reference guide for travelers planning a visit to the Island of the Gods

Table of Contents

  • Introduction – A quick look at what makes Bali special.
  • When to Go – A quick look at the weather, peak and low seasons, and key events.
  • How to Get There – A quick look at the airport and the airlines serving the island.
  • Passports and Visas – Basic information on needed travel documents and which nationalities are issued free visas on arrival.
  • Practical Matters – Basic information on currency, electricity, tipping, how much alcohol and cigarettes you can bring, and other practical matters.
  • Staying Safe (Beware of Hidden Pitfalls) – A look at some of the hidden pitfalls that seasoned travelers might not take into consideration.
  • Books and Travel Guides – A review of three travel guides, one novel, and one non-fiction book on Balinese culture.

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