Britain: Singapore Based Raider Fan Arrives in London to Root for His Favourite Team

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Marcus Marsden flies from his home in Singapore to his hometown in England to root for the Oakland Raiders, who will play ‘host’ to the Miami Dolphins on 28 September 2014 . He brings this live report from the Capital of Cool.

Marcus Marsden has been a Raiders fan for more than 30 years. He started following the Raiders when they were playing in Los Angeles in 1982, and he continued following the Raiders after they moved back to Oakland in 1995.

Marcus has been a proud supporter of the Raiders through thick and thin, passionatelly supporting the team through both winning and losing seasons. 

Raider fans are known for the loyalty so there is nothing unusual about that except for one thing: Marcus is a Brit, and in Britain – in case you didn’t know – the national sport is what the Brits call football and what the Americans call soccer.

So how did Marcus develop his passion for American football – and why did he choose the Raiders as his favourite team?

Not to the Manner Born

Marcus Marsden is a proud member of the Raider NationHe files this report from London, England:

“I was introduced to the game by my brother, who had been living in the USA.

“I chose the Raiders because they had drafted MARCUS Allen! I saw them first as LA Raiders in early 90’s. I’ve seen them play 6 times in total.

“I have followed them living in Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and now Singapore. It’s a strange experience being a part of Raider Nation out there.

“Games kick off at 1am to 4am Monday morning, and no one else I know there has the slightest interest. I’m totally pumped to be going back to UK and to connect with the RAIDER NATION!

“I’ve been hooking up with loads of guys. Parties are booked. It’s gonna be a blast! I’ve got 2 spare tickets. Not too late to get a cheap flight!”

All of which just goes to prove, the Raider Nation knows no international boundary!

Marcus Marsden has been appointed as the OFFICIAL London correspondent for the Accidental Travel Writer to represent the Raider Nation in Britain.


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