Stella Lou Makes Global Debut at Hong Kong Disneyland



Stella Lou, Duffy the Bear’s newest friend, has a new home: Hong Kong Disneyland, where she will realize her dream of becoming a dancer with fans. She will make her debut on 11 August 2017. Expect exclusive products,yummy treats – and lots of photo opps! 

Duffy came to Hong Kong Disneyalnd in 2010. He was joined by Shellie May in 2014 and Gelatoni in 2016. Since then, the sleuth of bears has been gaining fans in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and – of course- the United States.

With her arrival at the popular theme park, Stella Lou becomes an important member of the Duffy and Friends icon.

Duffy and Stella Lou first met on an American waterfront. While practicing in front of the S.S. Columbia, Stella Lou stumbled and Duffy called out to her in concern. Stella Lou then told Duffy her dream of becoming a dancer.

Hong Kong Disneyland might be the smallest of the Disney theme parks, but it will also the first Disney theme park where Duffy and Friends fans can  get up close and personal with Stella Lou!

Don’t be surprised if you see legions of Duffy and Friends fans disembarking at Hong Kong International Airport from planes flying in from Taipei, Tianjin, and Tokyo!

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When Duffy merchandise was launched at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2010, there were only 20 items in the collection. That number has since grown to nearly 300 Duffy and Friends items.

Plush items are the most popular, and more than 200,000 pieces have been sold since the line was launched.

Other popular items include consumables, pins, accessories, and apparel. More than 85% of the Duffy and Friends collection sold at the park only be purchased at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Duffy and Friends merchandise is second in popularity at Hong Kong Disneyland only to Mickey and Minnie Mouse merchandise.

Hong Kong Disneyland will introduce nearly 40 new Stella Lou items this year in celebration of Stella Lou’s arrival.

Included will be plush toys, stationery, daily essentials, phone cases, purses, accessories, apparel and pins. Most of the items will be exclusive to Hong Kong Disneyland.

More Duffy and Friends merchandise is in the pipeline.

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Food + Beverage




Some of the food and beverage outlets at Hong Kong Disneyland will also serve Duffy and Friends summer treats.

Main Street Corner Cafe Hosted by Coca-Cola will serve Duffy Brings Love Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice-cream, Duffy Romance, and Gelatoni’s Palette.

Other treats will include Stella Lou the Ballerina and the Duffy and Stella Lou Souvenir Mug with Blueberry Short Cake.

Crystal Lotus at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel will introduce a Stella Lou Steamed Sweet Purple Potato Bun at the end August.

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Photo Opps



Following her debut, StellaLou will take centre stage at the photo zone of “Main Street Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy – Presented by Fujifilm”, where she share with fans her dream of becoming a dancer!

Whenever a new Duffy and Friends collection is launched at Hong Kong Disneyland, fans from China, Taiwan, and even Japan visit the theme park to shop for exclusive items.

Some fans even bring favourite items from personal collections to take photos with Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni. Will they do the same now that Stella Lou has joined the sleuth?

Where to Stay

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island. It is relatively close to Hong Kong International Airport.

The theme park has three hotels, and each one of the hotels has a different theme: Victorian, Art Deco, and Exotic Cultures.

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