Stewardesses Flew for 1st Time 80 Years Ago

image-of-stewardessesUnited Air Lines first stewardesses embarked on a marathon journey from my hometown of Oakland, California, to Chicago, Illinois, 80 years ago on Saturday.

It was the first United Air Lines flight with flight attendants on board. The 20 hour flight aboard a Boeing 80A took 20 hours to complete.

There were 13 stops, 14 passengers, and a cruising speed of 125 mph. A Boeing 767 made the same journey on 15 May to commemorate that historic occasion.

This time around, the jet flew nonstop, completing the journey in just four hours. It cruised at a speed of 530 mph.

"United's flight attendants are proud professionals who for generations have cared for our customers' safety and comfort," says Alexandria Marren, senior vice president of onboard service, who was on yesterday's flight.

Flight attendants on yesterday's flight wore vintage uniforms that represented different eras.


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