Supanniga Eating Room Tha Tien Overlooks the River of Kings!

Supanniga Eating Room Tha Tien is one of three Supanniga Eating Room outlets in Bangkok. And all of them serve homestyle Thai dishes inspired by family recipes handed down through the generations. But surely this branch has the best location! Overlooking the River of Kings, it offers an Instagrammable view of the iconic Temple of Dawn.


The Back Story

Stuck in Hong Kong for three years because of COVID-19, I couldn’t wait to spread my wings the moment Thailand reopened and Hong Kong dropped its hotel quarantine protocols.

And the first stop on my lengthy trip to the Land of Smiles was Bangkok, a city I’ve visited many times. But for reasons I’ve never quite understood, some of the Big Mango’s key attractions had always avoided me.

Fortunately, I had managed an invitation to spend my first two nights at Chakrabongse Villas, a small boutique hotel situated in a location perfectly suited to explore Bangkok’s historic heart.

In fact, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha was practically across the street. And the Grand Palace was just a short tuk-tuk ride down the road.

Best of all, my hosts at Secret Retreats had arranged a reservation for me to have lunch at the Supanniga Eating Room‘s nearby location, which afforded a view of the Temple of Dawn, a.k.a. at Wat Aran.

Was I in for a threat, or what?

Restaurant Overview


Supanniga Eating Room Tha Tien is one of three Supanigga Eating Room Bangkok outlets in the Big Mango.

Within walking distance of the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it overlooks the River of Kings, a.k.a. Chao Praya. Best of all, it offers Instagrammable views of the Temple of Dawn, which is directly across the river from the restaurant.

Most impressively, the restaurant is recommended in The Michelin Guide to Bangkok as one of Thai capital’s Best Riverside Restaurants.

The Menu

Supanniga Eating Room Tha Tien serves homestyle Thai cuisine based on family recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

The extensive menu runs from appetizers, soups, and salads to curries, stews, and charcoal grilled, stir-fried, deep-fried, and vegetarian dishes. And finally, there are rice dishes and noodles.

Look over my shoulder as I reminisce about my mouth-watering lunch!

My Mouth Watering Lunch


I absolutely adore prawns. In fact, they are my favourite seafood. And the Choo Chi Goong Yang, or grilled prawns in a Thai style sweet and sour sauce, were about the best prawns I have ever tasted! A delight for the eyes as well as the palate.


If I were dining alone and wanted just one dish, Khao Pad Ka Nah – Pla Kem Goong Wan would be it! Because this fried rice with salted fish and stir-fried Hong Kong kale with sweetened shrimps really is a meal in itself. BTW, the shrimps are from Trad, a province in Eastern Thailand.


A simple but tasty dish, Ka Prow Nue Lai features tender beef slices stir-fried with Holy basil, chili, garlic, and other ingredients. With the rich sauce, it would go perfectly with jasmine rice!


Gaeng Crab Meat Rai Cha Plu features the meat and roe from the giant crabs of Surat Thani, a province in Southern Thailand. Swimming is a spicey red curry with cha plu leaves, it is absolutely divine! Could I have seconds?


There is a rather unsavoury myth behind the origins of Son in Law’s Eggs that I won’t get into here. But that doesn’t mean the fried medium boiled eggs with three flavour sauce aren’t absolutely delicious!

Not only are they a favoured snack that mothers serve to hungry kids. In addition, they are among the most popular snacks sold by street vendors and at night markets.

To be honest, I was a bit put off by the dark orange colour of the yolks. But that was until I realized it was caused by tamarind, one of my favourite flavours.

OMG! They were sweet, sour, spicey, and topped with crunchy fried shallots. Just one bite, and I was an absolute fan!

The Ambiance


Supanniga Tasting Room Tha Tien has an indoor dining room on the ground floor and an outdoor dining space on the roof.

Since we were having lunch – and it was extraordinarily hot that day – my dining companion and I preferred the air-conditioned comfort of the indoor dining room.

For the view, however, I would recommend dining outdoors. It is especially well-suited for sunset cocktails followed by dinner!

I must say, Supanniga’s riverfront location has a view that is very hard to beat. I mean, what could possibly top that view of the Temple of Dawn, which is directly across the River of Kings from the restaurant?

The Verdict

I was smart to invite my old buddy, Martin Hurley, general manager of The Lancaster Bangkok, to join me for lunch.

Because Martin has lived in Thailand for several years and is far more knowledgeable about Thai cuisine than I am, I let him take the lead. After carefully scrutinizing the menu, Martin put together an absolutely amazing lunch.

From the sumptuous food, to the elegant plating, to the professional service, to that Instagrammable view, I loved everything about Supanniga Eating Room Tha Tien.

I give it an enthusiastic two thumb’s up! I only wish I could have returned for cocktails at sunset!

Secret Retreats

Supanniga Eating Room Bangkok is a member of Secret Retreats, a collection of unique properties and experiences – including boutique hotels, villas, cruises, restaurants, and exclusive itineraries – throughout Asia. It is a community built by independent owners and chefs to share resources and ideas.

Together, they offer guests authentic travel experiences that go beyond typical offerings to connect to the very heart of Asian culture and traditions. Secret Retreats Members are vibrant advocates of their surroundings and passionate about sharing special moments with travelers curious to discover the “essence of Asia”.

All properties and experiences also emphasize supporting local communities, environments, and sustainability efforts in which they are based to ensure continued opportunities for both locals and travelers for years to come.

My lunch at Supanniga Eating Room Bangkok was sponsored.

The Location

Supanniga Eating Room – Riva Arun Hotel River Front, 392/25-26 Maha Rat Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Bangkok, Thailand. Telephone: 092 253 9251.

Closed MRT station: Sanam Chai, exit 1.

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