Thailand: Hotel Group Reduces Energy Consumption in Bid to Promote ‘Sustainable Travel’

Corporate Social Responsibility

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, the Thai-based Onyx Hospitality Group announces a number of important achievements in its bid to reduce the amount of energy consumed at its hotels, resorts, and spas.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the Onyx Hospitality Group has published its Second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which highlights a number of key achievements in its bid to reduce the levels of energy consumed throughout its hotel, resort, and spa operations.

The hotel brand’s portfolio includes Amari, Breeze Spa, the Mosaic Collection, Ozo, Saffron, and Shama.

“Through the CSR report we are able to examine all areas of our CSR impact and also develop strategies for future advancement,” says Peter Henley, President and CEO, Onyx Hospitality Group.

“The latest report illustrates the increased emphasis we are putting on reducing our environmental impact. We are conscious of the adverse influence the hospitality industry has and we encourage all of our properties to be good stewards of their natural resources, striving to ensure that all negative impacts of their operations are managed.”

CSR Together

Onyx is partnering with CSR Together, a programme that is designed to encourage companies to reduce the usage of energy, water, and chemicals in Thailand.

“Together we are working hard to reinforce our commitment to protect the environment in several areas of our hotel operations, especially through energy, chemical, and water reduction,” Peter says.

“We acknowledge that we can do more to integrate sustainability into the core of our business so it will be a key priority for us as we strive to meet our target of becoming a leading Asian hospitality provider by 2018.”

World Environment Day is a United Nations initiative to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment.

The travel industry is encouraged to do its part in promoting ecotourism and responsible travel in order to lessen its carbon footprint on the environment.

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