Top Things to Do in Thailand in March [2022]

DJ sins the discs at the Thaibreak Festival on the island of Koh Mak. Photo Credit:  Thaibreak Festival.


March marks the beginning of Thailand’s summer, also known as the hot season. Muay Thai and elephants are in the spotlight in Thailand in March.  Plus, some  out-of-sight music festivals at off-the-beaten track locations. And a chance to ride on a vintage steam train!

Because of the pandemic, the situation in Thailand remains fluid. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain whether events will go ahead in 2022. I’ve listed the events usually scheduled to take place in March with the note “2022 date pending”. In fact, many of these events will be either canceled or postponed.  


Thailand March Weather

March is a transition month in Thailand. It is considered the beginning of the “hot season”, which runs from March to June.

With an average high of 34 degrees Celsius, or 93 degrees Fahrenheit, and average lows dropping to 25 degrees Celsius, or 77 degrees Fahrenheit, March is slightly warmer than February.

March is not, however,  as hot as April, which is the hottest month of the year in Bangkok and most other parts of Thailand.

Bangkok enjoys a daily average of nine hours of sunshine in March. There are about five rainy days, with an average of 50 millimeters of rain during the month. The average humidity is 70%.

March Events in Thailand

Dozens of other events are scheduled throughout the kingdom throughout the month of March. Here are a few highlights of Thailand March events.

Full Moon Party – 17  March 2022

Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Sunris Beach on Koh Phangan, and island near Koh Samui. Photo Credit: Per Meistrup.


The Full Moon Party is held on the beach of Haad Rin every month on the night of the full moon.

DJs play a variety of musical styles including trance, dubstep, reggae, and techno. Jugglers, fire-eaters, and fireworks add drama to the all-night event.

Haad Rin is crescent shaped beach located on the island of Ko Pha Ngan. It can be reached by boat from Koh Samui, an island off the coast of Southern Thailand.

Koh Samui is 293 miles (471 kilometres) south of Bangkok. Because the drive takes nearly 10 hours, air travel is recommended,. The flight takes just over one hour.

Elephant Day – 13 March 2022

Mahouts bathing rescue elephants at the Thai Conservation Cener inHang Chat, Thailand. Photo Credit: Adam Jones.

Celebrations and activities of various kinds will be held throughout the kingdom in honour of elephants, which play an important role in Thai culture.

The biggest celebration will be held in Elephant Nature Park and The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) in Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand.

Thao Thepkasattri-Thao Sri Suntorn Festival – 2022 Date Pending

Held every March, the Thao Thepkasattri-Thao Sri Suntorn Festival is one of the biggest festivals of the year in Phuket.

Events include a bicycle race, a takraw (foot volleyball) tournament, a tug-of-war, a mini-marathon, and a Buddhist ordination ceremony.

A highlight of the festival is a show about the history of Phuket.

Thalang Victory Memorial Field, Heroine’s Monument and Wat Pranangsang, all in the Thalang area, north of Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand.

National Muay Thai Day – 17 March 2022

Muay Thai kickboxers in neighboring Cambodia. Photo Credit: Pablo Rebolledo.

Also known as Nai Khanomtom Day, National Muay Thai Day is a celebration of Thailand’s national sport, muay Thai, a.k.a. Thai boxing or kickboxing.

Events are held throughout the kingdom, including many championship competitions at both the amateur and professional level.

Thaibreak Festival – 23 March to 6 April 2022


The Thaibreak Festival will mix electronic music with beach parties, boat parties, and tropical sunsets. There will be live music and DJs spinning the discs for three days and four nights.

Koh Mak can be reached by speedboat. The last boat departs Laem Ngoh Pier at 4 pm. Trat Airport is the closest airport. Bangkok Airways has flights from Bangkok.

Changing of the Robes – 2022 Date Pending

Summer robes (left), rainy season robes, an winter robes. Photo Credit: Emerald Buddha.

The golden robes of the Emerald Buddha are changed by the King of Thailand three times a year in accordance with the changing of the seasons.

The next ceremony will be held on 21 March, when the solid gold robes of the winter season will be  removed and replaced by the diamond encrusted golden robe of the summer season.

On 17 July the robes will be  changed from summer to rainy season. On 12 November they will be changed back to rainy season.

The king starts by climbing up to the pedestal on which the image sits, wiping away any dust, and changing the gold headdress of the Emerald Buddha. The king then steps down and worships nearby while an attendant performs the elaborate ritual of changing garments. Finally, the king sprays holy water upon his subjects waiting outside the ordination hall

Fashioned from a single piece of jade, the Emerald Buddha is Thailand’s most sacred religious icon. It resides within the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), which is Thailand’s most important temple.

The costumes that not currently being worn are displayed at the Pavilion of Regalia along with other Royal decorations and Thai coins.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is located within the grounds of the Grand Palace, which overlooks the Chao Phraya River. It is open daily from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm.

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