Thailand: McDonald’s Doesn’t Do It My Way

Travel Blogger Match-up Part 15

Could someone at McDonald’s Thailand please explain this to me? Because I am GENUINELY curious!!! I TOTALLY do not GET it!!! I REALLY don’t understand what I was doing wrong!!!

After checking into my extremely stylish hotel in what is probably the toniest section of Bangkok, I go out in search of a Mini Mart so that I can buy myself a Coke Zero.

I walk, I walk, I walk … Before I find one, however, I stumble across a McDonald’s.

I think, “I know! I can get myself a Coke Zero at McDonald’s! And it will have ice in it, too!”

I go inside. Dinner time is approaching, and I’m feeling a bit peckish. I see one of those “localized” items on the menu – something called “Chicken Namtok Rice”.

We don’t have THAT at McDonald’s in Hong Kong. It’s only 69 baht, and that includes a soft drink! Shall I make this dinner? I decide to order it.

Restaurant Review

As I wait for my order to arrive, I think, “I know! I’ll take a picture of the sign, and I can write about it in my blog. It will be like a Restaurant Review – of a McDonald’s outlet in Bangkok that serves Thai food! Won’t that be cool?”

As I aim my camera at the sign advertising Chicken Namtok Rice, I get a disapproving look from someone behind the counter. She points me out to the manager, who looks at me and shakes his head.

Apparently I am doing something wrong …

“Oh,” I think.

“They don’t want me to take a picture of their sign – which is promoting one of their products …”

As I said, I am GENUINELY curious!!! I would REALLY like to know what the problem is!!! Did you really think I was going to copy your sign and open a rival fast food chain and undercut your prices?

Give me a break!!!

Chicken Namtok Rice

I ate your Chicken Namtok Rice, I liked it, and I would honestly like to recommend it to others. That’s all ..

And I wasn’t even going to charge you for the FREE publicity …


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