Top Three Must Try Dishes in Bali

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Balinese temple on the island of Bali.

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Despite the fact that most travelers know there are many beautiful places in Indonesia, Bali is still the most popular one. It’s not too much to say Bali is like a piece of heaven.

Anything pleasing to your eyes is there. Once you set your feet in Bali, you’ll be surrounded by the warm atmosphere right away.

The weather is so perfect, the views are always stunning, and the people as well as the culture won’t stop captivating you. You may think I’m going to tell you about some highly recommended places to visit while in Bali.

Unfortunately, I won’t do that. I believe there have been many people writing about that already.

That’s why, I chose to tell you about what to eat while in Bali! Yep! Don’t you agree that your traveling is just impossible if your stomach isn’t satisfied? So, are you ready to make your mouth water?

Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

When I was in Bali, this dish almost killed me literally! I warn you, this dish isn’t a joke. Unless you have a high tolerance for spicy foods, you should avoid it.

Ayam Betutu is made of chicken as the main ingredient combined with many kinds of herbs and spices. The smell is so nice, but you will notice in an instant that it’s going to burn your mouth. I’m not really that good at handling spicy foods.

But fortunately, at some restaurants in Bali, you can order the level of spiciness based on your capability.

I remember choosing the lowest level and yet, it still burned my palate. But, please don’t get me wrong!

The kind of spiciness you will experience while eating Ayam Betutu is the one that makes you want to taste it again. It’s weird. The only way for you to survive is to keep eating Ayam Betutu.

Somehow, it’s like counterattacking spiciness with spiciness. I don’t know how that works, but it totally works.

Without me noticing, I’d finished a plate of Ayam Betutu, and it was such an awesome experience for me personally. I felt proud after eating possibly one of the spiciest dishes on earth.

Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit

Sate lilit. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Another spicy dish! It seems Balinese people like spicy food, but once again, I must assure you, we’re talking about pleasing spiciness here. It’s exotic, really!

And sate lilit is the proof. Imagine a combination of fish and chicken being attached to a stick. At a glance, it’s like a kebab but it’s smaller.

The taste? Fantastic! My mouth is watering while writing about it. You must try it when you’re in Bali!

Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng

Mie goreng. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

I notice mie goreng isn’t really the signature dish of the Balinese people. It’s unlike the two  previously mentioned dishes. Mie goreng can be found almost everywhere in Indonesia, and I love it so much!

Practically, it’s fried noodles. It can be cooked in a rather savory and sweet way, but it’s also possible for you to have it spicy.

What’s awesome is the topping. Almost everything can be used starting from meatballs, pork,bacon, chicken, egg – you name it!

This dish is a must try. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to find it.

You don’t even need to wander around to try this dish. All hotels in Bali should offer it on the menu as I found on the menu of the restaurant at The Trans Resort Bali.

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Fahmy Ramanda is from Indonesia. He spent four nights at the Trans Resort

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