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Minnesota Twins pitcher. Photo Credit: Andy Witchger.

link-to-mbl-sports-barsWhere to Watch the Minnesota Twins

Best place to watch the Twins is Target Field in Minneapolis. But what if the Twins are playing on the road? Or what if you can’t get (or afford) a ticket to the game? Check out the best Minnesota Twins bars to watch the game with other Twins fans.

Minnesota Twins – Team Overview

The Minnesota Twins are a professional baseball team in the United States. And the Twins compete in the Central Division of the American League (AL) of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Senators/Twins Team History

1901 Washington Senators.

The Twins were established in 1901. Originally, they were based in Washington, DC. And they called themselves the Washington Senators.

In fact, the Washington Senators were one of the eight original members of the American League.

However, between 1905 and 1955, they called themselves the Washington Nationals.

Although they were officially known as the Nationals, many people continued to call them the Senators. So they changed their name back to the Senators in 1956.

Finally, in 1961, the franchise relocated from the Nation’s Capital to the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

Therefore, they changed their name from the Senators to the Twins. In case you didn’t know, the Twin Cities are Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Interestingly, Minneapolis is the most populous city in Minnesota. And Saint Paul is the state capital. Because of their proximity to each other, they comprise a single metropolitan area.

To clarify, they are located on opposite sides of the Mississippi River.

The historic baseball team has won a total of 12 division titles. And they have won six AL pennants. Most importantly, they have won the World Series three times, once when they were in Washington and twice in the Twin Cities.

Where the Twins Play

Minnie and Paul shake hands across the Mississippi River on a sign overlooking Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins. Photo Credit: Andy Witchger.

The Minnesota Twins play home games at Target Field, which opened in 2010.

In addition to hosting the Minnesota Twins, the ballpark occasionally hosts football games, soccer matches, and outdoor concerts.

Stadium Food and Beverage Outlets

Target Field has several food and beverage outlets. They include …

  • The Town Ball Tavern – located on the upper concourse by left field, the Tavern serves signature pub food and drinks.
  • Hrbek’s – located on the main concourse behind home plate, it was named after the Twins’ first baseman, Kent Hrbek. And it serves signature basket foods, the Triple Sausage Sampler, and  Bloody Marys. There is a full bar and an outdoor patio.
  • Twins Pub – located on the Terrace Level behind home plate, the pub offers a view of the field. And it has a full bar, serving beer on tap.
  • Jack Daniel’s Bar – located just inside Gate 34, the bar serves signature cocktails made with – you guessed it! – Jack Daniels!  And there is outdoor seating.
  • Truly on Deck – offering indoor and outdoor seating, the Deck has a grab-and-go counter. In addition, it serves sit-down meals before the game.
  • Minnie & Paul’s – this Twins-themed pub has a full-service bar. And it serves Pizza Luce pizza,  Red Cow burgers, and other types of comfort food.
  • Gray Duck Deck – with tiered standing-room drinks rails, it faces the field. In addition, it has high-top tables and cabana seating.   Plus, there are several big-screen TVs.

Best Twins Sports Bars in Minneapolis

With food featured at the ballpark, Darby’s Pub & Grill is the go-to bar for Twins fans.

Here are some of the best Minnesota Twins bars in Minneapolis. In fact, there are many bars near Minnesota Twins stadium.

However, you should always call ahead to make sure they will show the game and that the sound will be turned on.

Because of COVID-19, some of the establishments on this list might be temporarily or permanently closed.  Therefore, make sure to call first before going!

#TBN – indicates bars that are members of the Twins Bar Network. 

  1. Darby’s Pub & Grill – 31`5 -North 5th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 746-5064.  Facebook
  2. Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar – 16 North 6th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 338-6621. #TBN Facebook
  3. The Loon Cafe – 500 North  1st Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 332-8342. #TBN Facebook
  4. The Pourhouse – 10 South 5th Street #11, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 843-2555. #TBN Facebook
  5. Fulton Taproom – 2540 – 2nd Street Northeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) +333-3208. Facebook
  6. Monte Carlo Bar & Cafe– 219 North 3rd Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 333-5900.  Facebook
  7. Cuzzy’s – 2880 Chaska Blvd, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 339-6211. Facebook
  8. Kieran’s Irish Pub – 601 First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 259-8840. Facebook
  9. Sneaky Pete’s – 14 North 5th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) . #TBN Facebook
  10. Last Call Bar & Grill – 26 North 5th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 659-9000. #TBN Facebook

Best Minnesota Twins Sports Bars in Saint Paul

Twins Grill facade in Terminal 1 of Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.
Twins Grill interior.

The following establishments are considered among the best Minnesota Twins bars in Saint Paul.

However, you should always call ahead to make sure they will show the game. Also, ask if the sound will be turned on.

Because of COVID-19, some of the establishments on this list might be temporarily or permanently closed. Therefore, make sure to call first before going!

  • Twins Grill – Terminal 1, Concourse C, near Gate 13, Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, 4300 Glumack Drive, St. Paul, Minnesota. Telephone: (612) 726-6294.  Facebook
  • Billy’s on Grand – 857 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. Telephone: (651) 292-9140. #TBT Facebook
  • Half Time Rec – 1013 Front Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. Telephone:  (651) 488-8245. #TBN Facebook
  • The Bulldog Lowertown – 237 East Sixth Street, St. Paul, Minnesota. Telephone: (651) 221-0750. Facebook


Best Twins Bars in Other Parts of Minnesota


BestTwins Bars in Other States

It is hard to find sports bars outside of Minnesota that are regular hangouts for Minnesota sports fans.

However, Twins fans have been known to watch baseball games at the following venues. But make sure to call ahead to make sure games will be shown!

Because of COVID-19, some of the establishments on this list might be temporarily or permanently closed. Therefore, make sure to call first before going!

  • Bar None – 98 – 3rd Avene, New York, New York. Telephone: (212) 777-6663. Facebook

A Word to the Wise

While most of these venues tend to attract Minnesota Twins fans on game day, there are no guarantees.

First of all, not all baseball games are broadcast. And even when they are, sometimes they won’t turn on the sound. Otherwise, they might show other events. And there is always the chance the venue might be booked for special activities.

Also, fans sometimes migrate to other venues. And bars sometimes close.

Therefore, you should always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

Your Input on Minnesota Twins Bars Wanted

In your opinion, what is the best Minnesota Twins bar in Minneapolis? What about your favourite Minnesota Twins bar in St Paul?

If you have patronized any of these Minnesota Twins sports bars, please leave comments (pro or con) in the COMMENT box below.

You can mention the ambiance for Minnesota Twins fans. For example, is there team memorabilia on display? What is the atmosphere like during big games?

And what about the visibility of TV screens, the resolution, and the quality of the sound?

Finally, do they serve bar food? If so, how is it? Are there any happy hour specials? And what about the service?

Also, please let me know if any of these Minnesota Twins watch bars have closed – or if Minnwdota fans are no longer having Twins watch parties at them.

Your own recommendations on where to watch the Minnesota Twins play will also be greatly appreciated! Especially welcome would be Twins-friendly sports bars in other cities!

Fan Fotos

Mother and daughter rooting for the Twiins at Darby’s Pub & Grill in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Twins fans hanging out at Darby’s Pub &Grill in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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