Travel Insurance: Does Your Policy Cover High Ticket Items?

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When it comes to travel insurance, not all policies are created equal.

Most travel insurance policies cover things such as clothing and personal effects. High ticket items, however, are sometimes another issue. If you take an expensive camera, a laptop computer, or jewelry when you travel, you might want to check your travel insurance because it might not give you as much coverage as you think.

“Most travel insurance policies limit the amount that will be reimbursed for items like cameras, computers, and jewelery,” says Sarah Byrne, Marketing Manager at SquareMouth, which compares travel insurance policies.

Caveat Emptor!

While most travel insurance policies cover travelers for lost, damaged, or stolen property, the amount can vary significantly – especially when jewelry and electronics equipment is involved.

“Although a policy may have coverage for up to US$5,000 in Baggage and Personal Items Loss benefit, most policies limit the amount that can be claimed for computers, iPods, and watches,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth.

Specific Limits

“Travelex insurance policies have a specific limit for cameras, jewelry, furs, and other expensive possessions because travel insurance can only cover a certain amount of risk for the premium paid,” says Christine Buggy, Director of Marketing at Travelex Insurance Services. 

“Plus with these types of items, there is also a high risk of fraud.”

Did I hear anyone say, “Read the fine print?”


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