Travelogue: Beach at Seminyak Offers Something for Everyone – from Kites to Live Music to Archery Sets

Balinese Adventure Part 15

After his whirlwind tour of Denpasar, Michael Taylor asks his driver to take him back to Villa Basilio in Seminyak, where the chef will prepare him a gourmet dinner. But first a trip to the beach, where a pleasant surprise awaits him.

Everyone has been telling me that I’ve got to check out the beach at Seminyak, which is a mere 700 yards from Villa Basilio, where I am spending 3 wonderful days and 2 wonderful nights.

And the best time to do so would be at sunset. So I ask my driver to take me home by 6 pm. I plan on walking to the beach on foot – it’s only 700 metres away.

They say it will only take me 2 or 3 minutes to get there. Really??? With all those shops??? It would take me at least 10 minutes to get there. A Hong Kong tai-tai? Probably all day …

But the security guard offers to take me there on his scooter, instead. He will pick me up whenever I want. If I had known what was expecting me, I might have asked for MUCH more time!

Welcoming Committee of One

When I arrive at the beach, I am greeted by the sound of children laughing hysterically. As they scamper off, I see a dog that has been buried in sand up to its neck. It seems quite pleased to be the centre of attention.

Is the dog my welcoming committee of one? Or perhaps the sand is offering it a welcome respite from the sun.

Lonely Planet describes the beach at Seminyak as ‘flash, brash, and filled with boney models and expats’.

If I could add something, it would have to be this: If you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist.

Something for Everyone

There are surfers and footballers playing what I call soccer. There are Hindu devotees heading to from from temple. There are all manner of food and beverage outlets. There is even a hotel (and, THANKFULLY, it is low rise!).

I see ambulant venders selling kites and sarongs. I even stumble across a man selling bows and arrows, and I can’t imagine why on earth someone would think of selling archery sets on a beach, much less why someone would want to buy one.

But when I ask if I can photograph him selling his archery kits, he politely agrees. Maybe he thinks it will bring him good ‘karma’. Maybe he is just being polite …

Live Music on the Beach

The scene at Seminyak, is unlike that of any other beach I’ve been too, and these are 3 of the things I like. First, there are no high-rises. I only see one hotel, and it is only three or four stories high.

Second, it is lined with open air restaurants, cafes, bars, and lounges – quite literally right on the sand. Many of them play music, and most of the music is live.

Third, there is a temple. Where else in the world do you find temples on the beach?

And if there is one more thing I can like about this beach it is that I am there.

Click here for more pictures of the beach at Seminyak


Villa Basilio, Seminyak, Bali. Telephone: +62 (0) 8113 892 113.

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