Travelogue: Chef Cooks Breakfast at Guest’s Own Villa at Stylish Seminyak Resort

Balinese Adventure Part 9

Michael Taylor moves from the off-the-beaten-track town of Cangcu to Seminyak, the epicentre of Bali’s upscale tourism scene. If you can’t find it in Seminyak, it probably doesn’t exist.

Like the first resort  I stayed in on this trip, the second resort, One Eleven Seminyak, is an all villa property.

They are both boutique properties in the truest sense of the word. Both of them have fewer than 20 units (in One Eleven’s case, make that fewer than 10 units).

The similarity between the two resorts ends there. They have about as much in common as night and day. Don’t ask me to pick favourites. I like them both, but for different reasons.

One Eleven Seminyak is situated in the heart of Seminyak, the epicentre of Bali’s upscale tourism scene. This is where many of the hippest nightclubs, trendiest boutiques, and most stylish restaurants are concentrated.

Tropical Modern

Everything at One Eleven Seminyak is linear. Everything is white – except for the green lawns and green foliage (of which there is much). The architecture is what I refer to as ‘tropical modern’. And there’s this tremendous sense of space.

And check this out: each one of the villa compounds not only has a swimming pool long enough to do laps in (I swam for a full hour without even knowing it).

They also each have a private ‘spa gazebo’ with two beds – for ‘dual treatments’ (unfortunately, I didn’t need the second bed).

Guests receive a 5-minute ‘welcome foot massage’ on arrival. Further spa treatments can be booked throughout your stay. I had a 2- hours treatment just before checking out.

The resort also has a signature Japanese restaurant, where I had dinner on my second night. 

Unique Selling Point

But if One Eleven Seminyak has a USP, or unique selling point, it would have to be the breakfast that is prepared in the half kitchen that each one of the villas has.

Two butlers arrive in tandem at the agreed upon time and prepare a mouth-watering breakfast. They return later in the day with a mouth-watering snack.

As with many resort hotels in Seminyak, One Eleven Seminyak offers a complimentary shuttle service within the city.

Click here for more pictures of One Eleven Seminyak


One Eleven Seminyak, No. 3 Pangkung Sari, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Telephone: +62 361 731343. 


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