Travelogue: My Last Night in the Island of Gods



Part 26

It’s the last stop on Michael Taylor’s 21 day Balinese odyssey. He books a taxi from Ubud to Jimbaran, where a warm welcome awaits him at the Asri Jewel Villas & Spa.


Rice Paddies and Villages

The drive from Viceroy Bali in Ubud to Asri Jewel Villas & Spa in Jimbaran took me past rice paddies and through villages.

There were farmers tilling their fields and women carrying offerings of flowers on their heads. There were surfer supply shops, boutiques selling handicrafts and clothes, art galleries, day spas, the list goes on.

What impressed me most were the lovely houses – each with its own temple in the backyard – and the countless lots piled high with thatching for thatched roofs, terra cotta roof tiles, carved wooden doors and window frames, outdoor teakwood furniture, and – most of all – stone statuary.

Traditional beliefs and crafts seem to be alive and well in Bali.

Final Night

Lobby of Asri Jewel Villas & Spa in Jimbaran, Bali. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

A warm welcome awaited me at Asri Jewel Villas & Spa, where I was to spend my last night in Bali. A collection of one to four bedroom private villas, Asri Jewel Villas & Spa is managed by my good buddy, Jingcho Yang, co-founder of BukitVista.

Asri Jewel Villas & Spa is located on the outskirts of Jimbaran, a traditional fishing village dotted with private villas and five star hotels.

One of the town’s key attractions is a beach lined with open air seafood restaurants. That is where Jing, his family, and I celebrated Thanksgiving Dinner (see: Travelogue: Thanksgiving Dinner With Balinese Characteristics).

Asri Jewel Villas & Spa tends to attract long staying guests, who spend weeks – even months – there. All of the villas are two storeys. They are set in small gardens with plunge pools. There is an open air living room and kitchenette downstairs and an air conditioned suite or suites upstairs.

Asri Jewel Villas & Spa also has a café, a swimming pool, and a spa.


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