Travelogue: Balinese Farewell, My 21 Day Odyssey Ends



Bali Part 27

Michael Taylor spent 21 days traveling around Bali, attempting to blog in real time – something that’s far easier said than done.

He did manage to blog about Bali while he was in Bali, but a lag time started to develop as experiences started to pile up faster than he could write about them.

In the end,  his virtual trip lasted eight days longer than his actual trip. That virtual trip ends with today’s post.

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Time to Say Farewell

Following a late night – there was lots of food, beer, and conversation – I awoke in my one bedroom villa at Asri Jewel Villas & Spa in Jimbaran, had breakfast in the hotel’s café – what a yummy egg white omelet the chef prepared for me, and did laps in the hotel swimming pool.

I went back to my villa, put some finishing touches on a blog post, sent a few emails, checked out my Facebook page, and turned off my computer.

Then I started packing for the last time. Next to waiting in line at airports, packing is the thing I dislike most about travel.

As I was packing, the phone rang. It was Jing. He asked me what my plans were.

“I’ve got a plane to catch,” I said.

“Have you forgotten? I’m heading back to Hong Kong today. Shall we have lunch”

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