United States: Blue Angels Soar into Bay Area as Fleet Week Kicks Off in San Francisco

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San Francisco Fleet Week kicks off in the Bay Area with the arrival of the Blue Angels at Oakland International Airport at 6 pm on Sunday 1 October, wowing residents and tourists with air shows through 9 October 2017.

San Francisco Fleet Week is the largest and most important fleet week in the United States.

The Blue Angels will be based at Oakland International Airport for the 4th  time in 2017, arriving at the main runway of the South Field at 6.00 pm on Sunday 1 October 2017.

The South Field is used for commercial passenger and jet cargo aircraft operations. It is where the airports 2 passenger terminals are located.

The Blue Angels will depart Oakland International Airport at 10 am on Monday 9 October, which is a public holiday.

Parade of Ships

One of the highlights of San Francisco Fleet Week is always the Parade of Ships under the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Harbour, which took place between 11 am and 12.30 pm on Friday 6 October.

All ship tour are free of charge. The public is encouraged to interact with sailors.

Another highlight is the Fleet Week Parade of Ships, which will sail under the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay.

Columbus Day Parade

The United States Marine Corps Band will also participate in the Italian Heritage Parade, a.k.a. the Columbus Day Parade, which will also take place on Monday 9 October.

Other San Francisco Fleet Week events will include a demonstration of dogs trained in urban search and rescue, an art exhibit, tours of ships, a softball tournament, musical performances, fireworks, the Humanitarian Village, a county-fair style celebration on the Marina Green.

Attracting crowds of up to 1 million people, Fleet Week became an annual celebration of San Francisco’s long history of naval service and maritime tradition in 1981. Since 2010, it has helped local first responders prepare for and respond to emergencies.

“Fleet Week is the most important fun you’ll have all year,” saya Lewis Loeven, Executive Director, San Francisco Fleet Week Association.

“We’re excited to bring this family-friendly event back to the San Francisco Bay Area.”

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4 Replies to “United States: Blue Angels Soar into Bay Area as Fleet Week Kicks Off in San Francisco”

  1. This was an amazing event!! This was our first time and we didn’t know quite what to expect but this Cruise with the Blue Angels performing right over our heads was phenomenal! Beautiful presentation and delicious sandwiches, cheese, fruit, desserts. We highly recommend this wonderful adventure!

  2. Yes, it was quite exciting when I was living in San Francisco! The noise of the jets flying over head was quite exhilarating, but I’m not quite sure what the dogs made of it.

  3. Nothing like the sight and sound of the Blue Angels soaring over the San Francisco Bay, over the Golden Gate Bridge, occasionally under it. Wow! They fly over the downtown area, over our neighborhoods, low and loud. It is really quite a thrill! Fleet Week in San Francisco is about the only time we see our military walking around our city. So all of those uniformed Marines and Sailors are treated very well. They bring out the patriot in us.

  4. I know it! There is something about the roar of the jet engines! But surely flying UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge would be the ultimate adrenaline rush. I wonder if there is a video of that anywhere?

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