United States: Jack Daniel’s Plans Massive Distillery Expansion

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The booming whiskey market has prompted Jack Daniel’s to launch a more than US$100 million expansion of its distillery in rural Tennessee. Global sales of the brand grew 9% last year.

A second plant will be added at the Lynchburg, Tennessee, site, which dates back to 1866, which was one year after the American Civil War ended. Additional stills and barrel warehouses will form part of the expansion project.

“It’s a good time in the whiskey industry, and our future prospects look really good,” says Jeff Arnett, master distiller at the distillery.

“We don’t want to find ourselves without any additional throttle, if we need it. This will basically secure that we’ve got the ability to give Jack Daniel’s to all of those who want Jack Daniel’s for years to come.”

Jack Daniels is sold in 160 countries around the world.

While the United States continues to be the brand’s number one market, overseas sales have now overtaken domestic sales.

Key markets include Australia, Britain, and Germany. Brazil, China, Russia, and Turkey are also growing in importance.

Annual sales have risen from 7.7 million cases in 2004 to 11 million cases in 2012.

Travel and Tourist Information

The town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, has a population of just 361 people. It is located 65 miles south of Nashville. There is a small handful of restaurants in the town.

Lodging runs from bed and breakfasts to cottages, cabins, and country inns.

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery runs guided tours that run 75 minutes. Nearby Tims Ford State Park offers boating, cycling, fishing, and hiking.

What’s interesting is that Lynchburg is located in a “dry” county, which means tourists cannot purchase Jack Daniels or other alcoholic beverages a town  that is home to one of the world’s most popular whiskeys.

Click on the following link for touirst and travel information: Lynchburg, Tennessee.


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