Thailand: 82% of Travelers Won’t Leave Home Without Their Mobile Phone

Travel Survey

Mobile phone have practically become an extension of our arms – so much so that 82% of Thai leisure travelers say that they wouldn’t leave home without one, a Visa survey revealed. Cameras came in second at 77%.  

Computers were the third most popular gadget, taken on trips by 52% of Thai travelers. Only 30% of traveling Thais took entertainment devices on leisure trips.

In terms of which gadgets to take on trips, Internet capability was ranked more important than size or weight for experienced travelers. Many inexperienced travelers, however, thought that size was an important factor.

Fully 86% of Thai travelers checked in on line, 80% researched their trips on line, and 73% accessed on line soruces while on vacation.

Sharing Travel Experiences on Social Media

After returning home, more than nine out of 10 Thai travelers shared their travel experiences with friends on social media websites such as Facebook.

“Technology has changed the way we live our lives, including our travel experiences,” says Somboon Krobteeranon, Visa Country Manager Myanmar and Thailand.

“Particularly for Thai travelers who access online sources to plan their trips, and for information during their trips, and also share their holiday experiences online through various social media after their trips.

An increasing number of Thais are planning and booking their trips online, and as many as 92% of them share their travel experiences on line when they get home.

“Visa aims to enhance this experience with special travel campaigns that are aligned with the modern Thai travelers’ needs,” Somboon says.

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