Dog Friendly Cafe Serves Mouth-watering Open Face Shrimp Sandwiches

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Himmelska  Hundar , a dog friendly cafe in Stockholm Sweden. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Stockholm Restaurants

Roughly translated, Himmelska Hundar is Swedish for "dogs' paradise", and that is exactly what this small cafe is. In addition to mouth-watering light meals as well as  excellent wine and coffee, dog biscuits are on the menu.

When I travel, I like to pretend I'm living in a place rather than visiting it, and that includes finding a cafe or a pub to hang out at. I like to become a regular.

Finding such a cafe was made easy for me in Stockholm. On my second full day here, I visited a bookshop a five minutes' walk from the flat I rented on Airbnb.

While looking for books written by Swedish authors translated into English, I met Pontus Platin, who I believe is either a writer or a musician (or both).

Following a stimulating chat, he suggested we continue our conversation at a cafe nearby.

He said it was a short walk and the prices were reasonable.

Himmelska Hundar has become my neighborhood haunt.

The cafe sits across the street from a large park and next to a mini park, which has tables and chairs.

When the weather is fair, regulars take their beverages and snacks to the mini park and chat.

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (32)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (29)

Had I not met Pontus at the bookstore, I probably would not have found the cafe.

And even if I had, I certainly would not have dared join the regulars at their table.

They were honestly about the nicest people I have ever met!

As the Swedish name suggests, Himmelska Hundar is a dog friendly cafe. So for dog lovers, there is a double bonus.

Not only do you get to hang out with dogs, you also get to hang out with kindred spirits – other people that like dogs as much as you do.

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (13)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (7)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (8)

  Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (9)

Make  that a triple bonus: the food.

As the weather turned cool and dinner time approached, my table mates informed me that they were going inside.

The open face shrimp sandwiches were to die for, they said.

"You may join us if you like," I was told.

I did, and they were.

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (28)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (21)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (20)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (24)

Sweden-stockholm-dogs-paradise (17)


Himmelska Hundar , Hedinsgatan 13, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: 08-41009877. Restaurant Website: Himmelska Hundar

Click here for information on Insight Guides Sweden.

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