Thailand: Chiang Mai Boutique Hotel to Exhibit Art by Thai Artist

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More and more hotels and resorts are exhibiting art in their public spaces, and 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is no exception. The stylish resort will showcase the works of talented Thai artist Nat Posila.

The exbibtion will run from 14 June through 31 July 2013.

“This is part of our series of exhibitions featuring local artists’ work in our Palette restaurant and in the 137 Pillars House in order to create an interesting art space for our guests and visitors to promote promising young Thai artists from both Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand,” says Manfred Ilg, General Manager of the hotel.

Nat’s paintings depict Thailand’s wealth of tropical nature.  Coming from Nong Khai, one of the small villages on the Mekong River in northeastern Thailand, Nat has a natural aptitude for art.

His first artistic experience came with the opportunity to paint and repair temple murals.

Nat went on to find work with galleries in Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok, where he specialized in commissioned portraits and reproductions of the “master artists” in oils. 

Nat’s technical experience and his own inner drive to create and reflect natural beauty became the core of an unconventional art education, producing a highly skilled yet refreshingly confident and affirmative artist.  

Nat’s paintings have been described as simultaneously traditional and modern.  His works have an explosive and unique quality of composition and colour.  He has held a number of solo exhibitions throughout Thailand as well as in Western Australia.   

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