Philippine Travelogue: Barbecue Ribs Trump a Burger and Fries

Cebu Adventure Part 10

Michael Taylor spends two nights at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu, a five star urban hotel in the Philippines’s second largest city. He plans on having a burger and fries for lunch at The Pool Bar before checking out.

My heart is set on having a burger and fries at the Pool Bar before checking out of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu, and heading back to another resort on the beach in Lapu Lapu. In anticipation of this indulgence, I skip dinner the night before and go light on breakfast in the morning.

When I arrive at the bar, however, I see this sign for a special promotion: Barbecue Babyback Ribs. Suddenly a hamburger and fries doesn’t sound that exciting.

This is the choice that confronts me:

  • Slow-roasted Sichuan Style Barbecue Babyback Ribs with black bean fried rice and steamed bok choy.
  • Barbecue Babyback Ribs with Chianti Sauce and spinach risotto.
  • Blackened Babyback Ribs with spicy hand cut fries, mini cob salad, and cream fraiche.

“Are any of these American style ribs?” I ask the waiter. He directs me to the second choice: the ribs with chianti sauce and spinach risotto. I place my order.

It takes forever my my ribs to arrive, but when they do, WOW! They are meaty and succulent, practically falling of the bone. And they’re slathered in that thick and gooey sauce that I love so much.

The ribs come with two asparagus – one of my favourites vegetables, and then there is that yummy risotto – both creamy and chewy.

A marriage made in heaven. Talk about pigging out! The Pool Bar serves starters, mains, sweets, and fresh fruit – as well as cocktails, fruit juice, wine, and other beverages.

The Babyback Ribs promotion will run through the month of June. There is a new promotion each month.

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