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Chicago Blackhawks celebrate winning the Stanley in 2015. Photo Credit: swimfinfan.

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Best place to watch the Chicago Blackhawks is United Center in Chicago. But what if the Blackhawks are playing on the road? Check out the best Chicago Blackhawks bars to watch the game with other fans. And not only in the Windy City. But in other cities, as well!

Chicago Blackhawks Team History

The Chicago Blackhawks are an American professional ice hockey team. They play in the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Chicago Blackhawks were founded in 1926. And they are one of the Original Six professional ice hockey teams in the NHL In fact, the original professional ice hockey teams included …

The NHL first expanded in 1967, when it doubled the number of teams, bringing the total to 12. And further expansions have brought the total number of hockey teams to 32. In fact, there are now 7 teams in Canada. And there are 25 teams in the United States.

Theater marquee celebrates Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup in 2010. Photo Credit: vxla.

Rally celebrating Chicago Blackhawks NHL championship in 2015. Photo Credit: swimfinfan.

The team originally called themselves the Chicago Black Hawks. They changed their name to the Chicago Blackhawks in 1986.

Chicago’s ice hockey team has won 16 division championships. And they have won two Presidents’ Trophies. In addition, the team has won four conference championships and six Stanley Cups.

So how could the Blackhawks win more Stanley Cups than conference championships?

Easy! Before 1967, the NHL had only six teams. So there was no need to divide the league into divisions or conferences.


Chicago Blackhawks playing Minnesota Wild at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Photo Credit: Christophe95.The Chicago Blackhawks play home games at United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

In addition to the Blackhawks, the arena is also home to the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Because both teams are highly popular, most games are sold out. In fact, it is often standing room only.

Best Chicago Blackhawks Bars in the Windy City

The following sports bars and restaurants are popular with Chicago Blackhawks fans.

However, you should always call ahead to make sure they will show the game. Also, ask if the sound will be turned on.

  1. Crossroads Bar & Grill – 1120 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (312) 243-1113. – “Official Blackhawks Bar”
  2. Westend – 1326 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (312) 981-7100.
  3. Pony Inn – 1638 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 828-5055.
  4. The Beer Bistro – 1061 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (312) 433-0013.
  5. Pequod’s Pizza – 2207 North Clyboum Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 327-1512.
  6. Johnny’s Icehouse Chicago  – 1360 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (312) 226-5555.
  7. Avenue Tavern – 2916 North Broadway, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 975-7000
  8. Kroll’s South Loop – 1736 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (312) 235-1400. NO F/B
  9. The Ogden – 1659 West Ogden Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (312) 226-1888. NO F/B

Best Chicago Blackhawks Bars in Other Cities

The Chicago Blackhawks have a national following. As a result, there are many Blackhawks hangouts across the country.

Here are some sports bars and restaurants popular with Chicago Blackhawks fans.

While these venues often show Blackhawks games, there are no guarantees.

Therefore, you should call ahead to make sure they will show the game and that the sound will be turned on.

  1. Hob Nob Sports Bar and Grill –  7200 West Chandler Boulevard, Chandler, Arizona.  “Arizona’s Home for Chicago Sports”
  2. Black Bear Tavern – 1931 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia. Telephone: (404) 355- 9089. – “ATL’s Official Chicago Headquarters – Never Miss a Single Game”
  3. Brando’s Sportsbar – 3725 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. Telephone: (702) 896-6018.  “Chicagoans in the Desert”
  4. Mac’s Place Pub & Grub – 215 East Bay Street, Charleston, South Carolina. Telephone: (843) 793-4653. – “The official South Carolina bar for the Chicago Blackhawks. No one else in the state can say that”
  5. Tin Horn Flats – 2623 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California. Telephone: (818) 567-2470.
  6. The Bar on Dolores – 1600 Dolores Street, San Francisco, California. (415) 695-1745.
  7. Rosie O’Grady’s – 3402 Adams Avenue, San Diego, California. Telephone: (619) 284-7666.
  8. Friendly Confines Sports Restaurant and Bar  –  Lake Mary, Winter Park, and Altameontre Mall, Florida.
  9. Joey D’s Chicago Style Eatery – 211 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida. Telephone: (941) 364-9900. And five other locations.
  10. Buford’s – 700 West 6th Street, Austin, Texas. Telephone: (512) 545-5505.
  11. Ivy and Coney  – 1537 – 7th Street NW, Washington, DC. Telephone: (202) 6709-IVY.

A Word to the Wise

While most of these venues tend to attract Blackhawks fans on game day, there are no guarantees.

Sometimes they won’t turn on the sound. Other times they might show other events. And there is always the chance the venue might be booked for special occasions.

Also, fans sometimes migrate to other venues. And bars sometimes close.

Therefore, you should always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

Your Input on Chicago Blackhawks Bars Wanted

If you have patronized any of these sports bars, please leave comments (pro or con) in the COMMENT box below.

You can mention the ambiance for fans Chicago, the visibility of TV screens, the quality of the sound, the food, the service – whatever!

For example, do they serve deep-dish pizza? What about Chicago dogs or Italian beef sandwiches? And how about the popcorn? Do they have Miller on tap?

Also, please let me know if any of these Chicago Blackhawks watch bars have closed – or if Chicago fans are no longer watching Blackhawks games at them.

Your own recommendations on where to watch the Blackhawks play will also be greatly appreciated! Especially welcome would be Chicago-friendly sports bars in other cities!

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This list of the best Chicago Blackhawks sports bars is part of a series of posts on sports bars for fans of NHL teams.

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