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Looking for a sports bar to watch the Cleveland Guardians if you can’t get a ticket to the game or the the team is playing on the road?  What about a cool spot to stop for a bite to eat or a drink before or after the game?  Check out the best Cleveland Guardians bars as well as restaurants and cafes popular with Guardians fans in Cleveland and other cities.


Cleveland Guardians – Team Overview

The Cleveland Guardians play in the Central division of the American League of Major League Baseball (MLB).

And they play home games at Progressive Field, which is located in downtown Cleveland. With a capacity of 42,865 baseball fans, the sports facility is part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex.

The ballpark has been ranked as the best stadiums for baseball in the major leagues.

The team has won the Central division title eight times, the last time in 2016. The baseball team has won the American League pennant five times, the last time in 1997.

Unfortunately, the baseball team has won the World Series only twice, in 1920 and in 1948, when Harry S. Truman was president.

Cleveland Indians / Cleveland Guardians Team History

Cleveland’s baseball team was one of the eight charter members of the American League.

In fact, the team wasn’t born in Cleveland. And it wasn’t originally called the Indians. The Cleveland Guardians were founded in 1894 as a minor league team in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The team originally called itself the Grand Rapids Rippers.  And It played in the Western League.

When the team moved to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1900, it changed its name to the Cleveland Lake Shores. Moreover, the league changed its name to the American League. More importantly, it upgraded itself to major league status.

The team has had more than one name change over the years. In addition to the Cleveland Lakes Shores, appellations have included the Cleveland Spiders, the Cleveland Bluebirds (or Blues), and the Cleveland Napoleons (or Naps).

Cleveland Indians

In 1914, the team changed its name to the Cleveland Indians. And it had two nicknames: the Tribe and the Wahoos. Because of decades-long criticism that the name was racist, it was finally changed to the Cleveland Guardians following the 2021 season.

Ironically, the team had been named Indians to honour Louis Sockalexis (1871 – 1913), the first native American to play baseball for a major league baseball team in the United States. In fact, he played for the Cleveland Spiders for three seasons.

When the Cleveland Indians faced the Boston Braves in the 1948 World Series. it was one of the few times that two major league teams with Indian-inspired names faced each other in a major league championship.

Interestingly, between the second and fourth games,  an American Indian Chief, Chief Thunder Water, blessed the Cleveland Indians, who went on to win the World Series. It was the last time the team won a World Series championship.

Chief Thunder Water died a few years later. In tribute to him, Chief Wahoo became the team’s mascot.

Cleveland Guardians


So where did the name Cleveland Guardians come from?

The name Guardians refers to the eight Art Deco Guardians of Traffic that are carved into the four sandstone  pylons of the Hope Memorial Bridge, which spans the Cuyahoga River.

Each one of the figures holds a different vehicle: a hay rack, a covered wagon, a stagecoach, and an automobile. In addition, there are four trucks, which were used in the bridge’s construction..

According to Wilbur Watson, the bridge’s engineer, the Guardians represent “the spirit of progress in transportation”.

Importantly, the bridge connects Lorain Avenue on Cleveland’s west side and Carnegie Avenue on the east side, terminating just short of Progressive Field, home the Cleveland Guardians. It was formerly known as the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge

Where to Watch the Cleveland Guardians

A list of sports bars. restaurants, and cafes popular with Cleveland baseball fans follows. Some spots may have closed. In addition, not all bars show all games. And fans sometimes switch loyalties to other establishments. Therefore, it is a good idea to call first to avoid disappointment.

Best Cleveland Guardians Bars in Cleveland

  1. Clevenlander – 834 Huron Road East, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 771-3723.  Facebook 
  2. Paninis Bar and Grill – 1290 West 6th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 523-7070.  Facebook
  3. The Third Place a Tavern – 3314 Warren Road, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 941-1333.  Facebook
  4. Barrio – 503 Prospect Avenue East, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 862-4652. Facebook
  5. Hoftbraubaus – 1550 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 621-2337. Facebook
  6. The Jolly Scholar – 1111 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 368-0090. Facebook
  7. Jukebox – 1404 West 29th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 206-7699. Facebook
  8. Market Garden – 1947 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216) 621-4000. Facebook
  9. Nano Brew – 1859 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone: (216)862-6631 . Facebook

Best Cleveland Guardians Bars in Other Cities

  1. Boulevard Bar and Grill – 9860 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. Telephone: (702) 939-2583. Facebook
  2. Tap House Italian American Bar and Grill – 5589 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. Telephone: (702) 870-2111. Facebook
  3. Glory Days Grill – 13850 Braddock Road, Centerville, Virginia. Telephone: (703) 266-4100.  Facebook 
  4. Vaughn’s Pub – 2917 North Sheffield, Chicago. Illinois. Telephone: (773) 281-8188. Facebook
  5. Manny’s on Second – 1770 – 2nd Avenue, New York, New York. Telephone: (212) 410-3300. Facebook – STILL OPEN?
  6. Max’s Taphouse – 737 South Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland. Telephone: (410) 675-6297.  Facebook

Your Help Wanted

Bars sometimes close and sometimes fans switch loyalties to other establishments. Please post corrections in the Comment Box below.

Please also feel free to post information about other sports bars friendly to Cleveland Guardians fans in the Comment Box.

Where to Eat in Cleveland

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