Halloween: World’s Top Five Haunted Cities


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Why celebrate Halloween at home, when you can spend it in one of the world’s top five haunted cities?

Global accommodation website Wotif.com has put together a list of the world’s five most haunted cities. There is one each in Africa, Britain, and the United States. Two of them are located in continental Europe. Can you get which cities they are?

So what better place to do your trick or treating? Check out these Top Five Halloween travel destinations and start packing!

York, England

The Grey Lady was bricked up alive in York’s Theatre Royal (pictured, above), which is one of the ghost friendliest cities in the world. See if you can spot her when taking in a show!  In fact, the theatre has been staging theatrical productions since 1744.

Prague, Czech Republic


According to legend, the Charles Bridge is haunted by a 12 apparitions – a saint called St. John of Nepomuk, 10 lords executed in the Middle Ages, and a water goblin under the bridge.   Constructed of the bridge began in 1357. Ant it was completed in 1402. To clarify, it crosses the Moldau River in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

New Orleans, United States


Try taking a picture of the Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans, and you might see odd streaks of light or silhouettes in its windows.   In fact, the mansion is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in the city’s famed French Quarter.

Paris, France


The Catacombs of Paris contain thousands of bones and skulls cleared from local cemeteries. In fact, the underground tunnels were originally rock quarries. And they house the remains of more than 6 million people. When you visit, listen for the strange sounds!  

Capetown, South Africa


According to legend, a ship called the Flying Dutchman was doomed by the Devil to never reach dry land.  The Cape of Good Hope was named for the optimism that those sailing around would reach distant lands. See if you can spot it sailing off the Cape of Good Hope. To clarify, The Cape of Good Hope is at the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula, In fact, it is approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Cape Town, South Africa.

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