Hong Kong: Michelin Star Chefs Prove That Losers Really Can Be Winners!

Health and Fitness

Two Michelin Star Chefs went head to head to see who could lose the most weight in the Summer Slim Slam Challenge, and the biggest loser – Harlan Goldstein of Gold and Strip House – emerged the winner. 

Harlan dropped 20.7 kg, or 17.5% of his body weight. The runnner up in the two-man competition was Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation, MC Kitchen, and Beautifood, who lost 16.9 kg, or 15.3% of his body weight.

The two chefs worked out at different gyms for three months under trainers. They were also advised on how to eat by registered dietitians.

“We are both winners,” the two losers said.

Harlan worked out at Impakt Gym with Parfait N’Douda. Alvin trained with Albert Ho at Pure Fitness.

“I’m the loser, but I’m not the biggest loser,” Alvin joked.

You Are What You Eat

According to Mimi Sham, a Registered Dietitian that advised Harlan, those wanting to lose weight should not just focus on calories.

“You have to manipulate your food intake,” Mimi said.

“Most people anxious to lose weight just stop eating. But it’s not just the total amount of food you eat, it’s also what you eat. It’s very important to have a dietitian on your team.”

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