Hong Kong: Michelin Starred Chef Launches 4-Course Menu Inspired by Airline Food

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The Chef at one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated Italian restaurants launches a 4-course menu inspired by the food served to First Class passengers flying on Cathay Pacific Airways. It will be served from May to July 2014.

You know what they say about airline food. Well, here’s a switch.

Pino Lavarra, Director at Tosca, the fine dining Italian restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong at the International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon, has launched a 4-course dinner inspired by the food served to passengers flying First Class on Cathay Pacific Airlines.

I mean, usually it’s the other way around. Airlines call upon hotel chefs to create their menus. And actually, that’s how it all got started. Chef Pino had already collaborated with the airline on creating its First Class food offerings.

“In the sky, there are no limits to your imagination,” says Chef Pino.

“When working with the Cathay Pacific team, I was particularly intrigued by the approach to the idea of concentrated flavors and flavor pairings at high altitude and its impact on the sensitivity of our taste buds. I think it is extremely interesting to play around the culinary composition and flavor compatibility here at Tosca as well, since we are also up in the sky on Level 102, though not as high as 30,000 feet.”

Since the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong bills itself as the world’s “highest hotel”, it’s not a total surprise that some of the same concepts might also apply in its food and beverage outlets.

“I have therefore crafted a special menu inspired by the key ingredients I have used for the first and business class inflight menu and composed a set of interesting dishes and flavors which I hope will enliven all gustatory senses, making diners feel that everything is so uniquely delicious in the open skies!” Chef Pino says

4 Course Menu

The dinner starts with Beef carpaccio with creamed ricotta cheese, spring sprouts, rice crackers, and homemade tomato jam. Ditalini with zucchini stew, tomberry tomato, and fresh langoustine follows as the pasta course.

The main course is roasted rack of sea bass with cheek stew, yellow tomato spaghetti and spinach cream sauce. Traditional tiramisu is served for dessert.


The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852) 2263-2280.

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