Hong Kong: You Are Visiting the World’s 388,993rd Most Popular Website!

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The Accidental Travel Writer’s popularity ranking with Alexa.com has dropped below the 400,000 mark. That means that out of the 600 million plus websites in the world, only 388,992 of them are more popular than this one.

Alexa.com evaluates websites not only on how much traffic they receive. They also look at the ratio of return visits, how many pages are viewed per visit, how long visitors spend on the site, and the bounce rate.

These factors are all important, because many sites get lots of traffic – perhaps because of well chosen key words or other tricks – but visitors quickly leave the site when they discover that there’s nothing there that interests them.

According to Alexa.com …

  • Accidental Travel Writer is the world’s 388,993rd most popular website.
  • Accidental Travel Writer has a bounce rate of just 45% – that means 55% of viewers visit more than one page.
  • Visitors to the Accidental Travel Writer view an average of 3.9 pages
  • Visitors to the Accidental Writer spend an average of 11.25 minutes on the site.
  • Hong Kong accounts for 80% of visitors to the site.
  • Accidental Travel Writer is the 1,859th most popular website in Hong Kong.

Note: these figures were as of 9 September 2013.

Up, Up, and Away!

At the beginning of the year, our global ranking was about 1.5 million. Just six weeks ago, it had dropped to 806,358 (25 July 2013).

We must be doing something right!

We’ve compared our stats with some of Hong Kong’s highest profile English language lifestyle websites – BC Magazine, HK Magazine, Hip Hong Kong – and they compare quite favourably!

Of the sites we checked, in fact, only Time Out Hong Kong had a higher ranking.

Check for Yourself!

Don’t take our word for it! Click on the following link for analytics on our and other websites: Alexa.com.

According to Royal Pingdom, there were 634 million websites as of December 2012.


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