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It-Park Hotel Group offers free smartphone service in Singapore

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While some hotels are offering complimentary smartphones to hotel guests, a company in Hong Kong has launched a device that transforms 4G  networks into Wi-Fi signals!

The Park Hotel Group in Singapore is one of a growing number of properties offering complimentary smartphones to all guests staying at its four hotels.

Guests staying at the Grand Park Orchard, Grand Park City Hall, Park Hotel Clarke Quay, and Park Hotel Alexandra are lent smartphones offering free mobile Internet access as well as unlimited local and international phone call to selected countries.

The phones can be used not only at the hotels themselves, but throughout the city during the hotel guests stay.

The concept is nothing new. The Mira in Hong Kong launched a similar service in August 2013, and a handful of other hotels in Hong Kong have followed suit!

But the number of hotels offering complimentary smartphones while growing is still very limited in scope.

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So what do you do if you’re staying at one of the vast majority of hotels that don’t offer complimentary smartphones?

And even if you are staying at such a hotel, what about your other electronic  devices – your tablet and/or your laptop?

Most business and even many leisure travelers are now carrying multiple devices when they travel!

4G Wi-Fi Portable Device

A company in Hong Kong has launched the world’s first 4G Wi-Fi portable device that works worldwide by transforming 4G networks into Wi-Fi signals!

Travelers get access to fast, safe, and stable 4G Wi-Fi without needing SIM cards, and they can set things up before departing on their trip.


G2 offers simultaneous connections to up to five devices.

The Pocket Wifi – GlocalMe G2 was officially launched in Hong Kong last year, and it has been well received in the market.

There are no astronomical data roaming charges, and you are not saddled with the unnecessary services that are usually bundled with locally purchased SIM cards.

On a recent trip to Bangkok, I purchased a SIM card at the airport. I was bombarded with so many junk phone calls and “special offers” on my way to the hotel that my usage had already been used up by the time I checked in!

The G2 is not only fast, it also offers a stronger and more stable signal, the company says. It can be used continuously for up to 15 hours on one charge.

Not only that, the G2 offers simultaneous connections to up to five devices. It takes eight hours to be fully charged.

The company has promised to lend me such as device during my upcoming trip to Stockholm, Sweden, to attend TBEX Europe. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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