Cruises: Top 10 Ways to Keep Fit at Sea

Health + Fitness

Ocean cruises used to be associated with a sybaritic interlude long on indulgence and short on fitness. There has been a trend toward holistic health holidays in recent years, however, and cruise lines are no exception.

In addition to fine dining and entertainment, you can expect fitness facilities, personal trainers, classes in Tai Chi, spiritual guidance, the list goes on. . .

“Wellness is important to our well-traveled guests,” says Daniel Kontler, Crystal Symphony’s fitness director.

“Generally active, our guests want to continue their healthy lifestyles on vacation, and even learn something new.”

Crystal Cruises’ professional fitness directors have come up with a 10 step fitness programme to keep passengers fit on the high seas. Here is what they suggest (adapted):

1. Walk or jog around the promenade deck.

2. Enjoy fresh fruit and freshly prepared salads.

3. Dine on lighter fare such as sushi and sashimi.

4. Work out with a personal trainer.

5. Drink lots of water. 

6. Take an aerobics class or a yoga class.

7. Cleanse yourself with detoxifying body wrap.

8. Try kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, or walking when in port.

9. Do laps in the pool.

10. Heal and rejuvenate with on board acupuncture treatments and shiatsu massages.


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