Airline and Ride Share Provider Promote Positive Message for Vulnerable Youth


LGBT employees of Alaska Airlines marching in a pride parade.


Alaska Airlines and ride-sharing service provider Uber join forces in support of project to promote a positive message for LGBT youth, assuring them that things will get better.

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth hide their sexuality because they are afraid of being bullied – or rejected, or disowned, or shunned.

Saddest of all, many LGBT youth actually hide their sexuality from themselves, trying desperately to conform, to fit in, to be like “everyone else”.

The pressure can, in fact, be intense. Many LGBT youth become so distraught that they actually attempt suicide.

According to a study published in the on-line journal Pediatrics, teenagers that identify themselves as lesbian or gay are five times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers.

It Gets Better Project

Established in 2010, the It Gets Better Project is aimed at reaching out to LGBT youth with a positive and supportive message, assuring them that “it gets better”.

The project has produced videos, graphic content, and original artwork with a message of hope and support.

It Gets Better specials have also been aired on music channel MTV.

Alaska Airlines and Uber have partnered to raise money in support of the It Gets Better Project.

Love Moves Us

Beginning June 6, and throughout the summer and fall, Alaska Airlines and the ride-sharing service Uber will each donate US$1 to the It Gets Better Project for every Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post tagged with #LoveMovesUs, up to a total of US$28,000.

“The It Gets Better Project is honoured to partner with Uber and Alaska Airlines for the 2016 pride season,” says Brian Wenke, Executive Director of the It Gets Better Project.

“These forward-thinking corporations are helping to create a better world for LGBTQ young people by fostering a welcoming environment for open discussion about their community. Together, the It Gets Better Project,Uber and Alaska Airlines will share the #LoveMovesUs initiative with those poised to reap the greatest benefit from its positive message.”

Fly with Pride

Many corporations take advantage of celebratory events to gouge consumers, and airlines are no exception.

Look at what happens when a football team goes to the Super Bowl, for example. You can expect air fares to go through the ceiling.

Alaska Airlines, however, is offering flight deals and giveaways throughout its route network during pride season.

Click here for more information of special promotions: FlyWithPride.

LGBT employees of the airline will also have a high profile at many pride celebrations, including those in Anchorage, Alaska; Honolulu, Hawaii; Palm Springs, California; Portland, Oregon; San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; and Sonoma County, California.

“Our company is a proud supporter of LGBT equality in the workplace and our community. As an airline, we support all of our customers in their journey regardless of their orientation,” says Tammy Young, Alaska’s Vice President of Human Resources.

“Not to mention, Pride Month is a ton of fun!”

Uber App and Ride

People who enter city-specific promo codes into the Uber app and ride on uberPOOL or uberX during pride weeks in seven cities during their annual pride celebrations will get the chance to win round-trip flights anywhere Alaska Airlines flies:

  • Los Angeles (June 6-12)
  • Portland, Oregon (June 13-19)
  • San Francisco (June 20-26)
  • Seattle (June 20-26)
  • San Diego (July 13-19)
  •  Honolulu (Oct. 16-22)
  •  Palm Springs, California (Nov. 1-6)

“We believe the world is a better, more connected place when our differences are celebrated and when people from all walks of life feel welcome and supported,” says William Barnes, West Coast Regional General Manager for Uber.

“We’re thrilled to join Alaska Airlines and the It Gets Better Project in sending a powerful message of hope and support to the entire LGBT community in cities up and down the West Coast.”

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