Top 10 Los Angeles Kings Sports Bars

Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Kings. Photo Credit: mark6mauno.

National Hockey League:

Best place to watch the L.A. Kings is Staples Center in Los Angeles. But what if the Kings are playing on the road? Or what if you can’t get (or afford) a ticket to the game? Check out the best Los Angeles Kings bars to watch the game in the company of other Kings fans.

Los Angeles Kings Team History

Los Angeles Kings leaving the ice after their first Stanley Cup victory on 11 June 2012. Photo Credit: mark6mauno.


Los Angeles Kings victory parade through downtown L.A. on 14 June 2014. Photo Credit: Prayitno.

Retired superstars at Staples Center. Photo Credit: Adam Jones.

The Los Angeles Kings are a professional ice hockey team in the United States. And the Kings compete in the West  Division of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Kings were established in 1967 after Los Angeles was awarded an expansion franchise in the NHL. In fact, it was one of six new teams that were founded that year.

The Los Angles Kings have won one division championship.  In addition, they have won three conference championships. Most importantly, they have won two Stanley Cups.

In fact, the team won its first Stanley Cup in 2012. And they won their second Stanley Cup in 2014.

The Los Angeles Kings play home games at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. In fact, the team shares the arena with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Best Kings Bars in Southern California

Here are 17 of the best sports bars and restaurants in Los Angeles, where you can root for the Kings with like-minded fans.

However, you should call ahead to make sure they will show the game and that the sound will be turned on.

  1. The Los Angeles Biergarten – 750 South Broadway, Los Angeles, California. Telephone: (213) 628-3737. | FACEBOOK.
  2. The Dudes’ Brewing Company – Westfield Valencia Town Center, 24250 Town Center Drive #190, Santa Clarita, California. Telephone: (661) 263-5133. FACEBOOK
  3. Barney’s Beanery Westwood – 1037 Broxton Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Telephone: (310) 443-7777. FACEBOOK
  4. Barney’s Beanery Burbank -250 North 1st Street, Burbank, California. Telephone: (818) 524-2912. FACEBOOK
  5. Barney’s Beanery Pasadena -99 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California. Telephone: (626) 405-9777. FACEBOOK
  6. Barney’s Beanery West Hollywood – 8447 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California. Telephone: (323) 654-2287. FACEBOOK
  7. Barney’s Beanery Santa Monica – 1351 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, California. Telephone: (310) 656-5777. FACEBOOK
  8. Barney’s Beanery Redondo Beach – 100 Fishermans Wharf H, Redondo Beach, California. Telephone: (424) 275-4820. FACEBOOK
  9. Cask ‘n Cleaver – 8689 East  9th Street, Rancho Cucamonga, California. Telephone: (909) 982-7108. FACEBOOK
  10. Brennan’s – 4089 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, California. Telephone: (424) 443-5119. FACEBOOK
  11. Torrance Tavern – 22735 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, California. Telephone: (310) 375-9158. FACEBOOK
  12. Legends Restaurant & Sports Bar – 5236 – 2nd Street, Long Beach, California. Telephone: (562) 433-5743. FACEBOOK
  13. S&P Restaurant & Sports Bar – 13225 Telegraph Rd, Santa Fe Springs, California. Telephone: (661) 777-0201. FACEBOOK
  14. Public House – 1739 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Telephone: (323) 238-3320. FACEBOOK
  15. O’Donovans Restaurant & Pub – 101 – 3rd Street, Pomona, California. Telephone: (909) 397-4384. FACEBOOK
  16. Patrick Molloys – 50 Pier Plaz, Avenue, Hermosa Beach, California. Telephone: (310) 798-9762. FACEBOOK
  17. Link N Hops – 3111 Glendale Blvd, Glendale, California. Telephone: (323) 443-7523. FACEBOOK


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A Word to the Wise

PLEASE NOTE: Because of COVID-19, some of the establishments on this list might be temporarily or permanently closed. Either that, or they might not be able to show games or serve alcohol. Therefore, make sure to call first before going!

While most of these venues tend to attract Los Angeles Kings fans on game day, there are no guarantees.

Sometimes they won’t turn on the sound. Other times they might show other events. And there is always the chance the venue might be booked for special events.

Also, fans sometimes migrate to other venues. And bars sometimes close.

Therefore, you should always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

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Your Input on Los Angeles Kings Bars Wanted

If you have patronized any of these Los Angeles Kings sports bars, please leave comments (pro or con) in the COMMENT box below.

You can mention the ambiance for fans Los Angeles Kings, the visibility of TV screens, the quality of the sound, the food, the service – whatever!

Also, please let me know if any of these Los Angeles Kings watch bars have closed – or if Los Angeles fans are no longer watching Kings games at them.

Your own recommendations on where to watch the Los Angeles Kings play will also be greatly appreciated! Especially welcome would be Kings-friendly sports bars in other cities!

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