Macau Grand Prix Museum Reopens

Ayrton Senna’s Ralt RT3, Toyota, from Theodore Racing, Winner of the first-ever edition of Macau Formula 3 GP in 1983 is on display at the Macau Grand Prix Museum. Photo Credit: Macau Photo Agency.

City of God:

The Macau Grand Prix Museum is reopening in stages following a major expansion and renovation of the facility. In fact, the museum now has four floors. And the museum’s exhibition space has been expanded an impressive six-fold.

Museum Expansion

Exterior of the renovated and expanded Macau Grand Prix Museum.

As the renovations are completed, the Macao Grand Prix Museum is reopening in stages.

First, individuals and organizations from various  sectors of the community can visit the museum and offer feedback on possible improvements.

Next, members of the local community can make reservations to visit the museum and offer suggestions of their own.

Finally, the museum will open to local residents and tourists alike. But this will depend on the lifting on COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Museum’s Four Zones

Ground floor, Macau Grand Prix Museum.
Model, Guia Circuit, Macao Grand Prix Museum.

The museum has been expanded. And it now houses four zones. Moreover, each zone has a different focus. And each zone occupies a full floor.

Eduardo  de Carvalho was the winner of the first Macao Grand Prix, which was held in 1954. As a resident of Macau, Eduardo drove a sports car with a Triumph TR2 engine.

As the Grand Prix’s first winner, Eduardo is in focus on the museum’s  ground floor.

Moreover, there is a a model of the Guia Circuit together with 3D projection mapping.

In addition, formula race cars from the early editions of the Macao Grand Prix  and other Formula 3 exhibits are in focus on the museum’s first floor.

Motorcycle exhibit, Macao Grand Prix Museum.

Motorcycles from Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix are in focus on the museum’s second floor. In fact, there is a deconstructed motorcycle display, virtual reality motorcycle racing, and other exhibits.

The Macau GT Cup and Guia Race are in focus in the museum’s basement.

Because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, some racing simulators and wax figures of racers are awaiting installation.

To clarify, they will be installed when coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted.

Macau Grand Prix Museum History

Entrance, Macao Grand Prix Museum and Macau Wine Museum.
Teddy Yip exhibit.

The Macau Grand Prix Museum opened in 1993, which was the 40th anniversary of the first Macau Grand Prix.

Interestingly, it shared the basement of the Macau Tourism Activities Center with the Macau Wine Museum.

The Macau Grand Prix began in 1954 thanks to the initiative of a group of local racing enthusiasts.

Gradually, the event evolved into an international event attracting thousands of tourists and racing enthusiasts each year. And it comprises two components: the Guia Race and the Formula 3 Grand Prix.

To clarify, the races take place on a street circuit, which is similar to the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo.

In celebration of the 50th Macau Grand Prix, the Macao Government Tourism Office has carried out extensive renovations and modernization of the museum.

In addition, the museum pays tribute to individuals who have made extensive contributions to the success of the Grand Prix.

For example, there are exhibits honouring Teddy Yip and others.


Macao Grand Prix Museum – Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, 431, , Macau. Telephone: 853 8397 1825 or 853 8397 1761.

Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays. Free Admission.

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