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North Palawan is highly favoured by eco-tourists because of its spectacular scenery, complex eco-system, excellent snorkeling, pristine beaches, fascinating indigenous culture, and countless photo opps.

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Sailing through the waters off North Palawan near to town of Coron. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Coron is the largest town in North Palawan. On the second day of our Northern Palawan Eco adventure,  we had a yummy buffet breakfast with eggs cooked to order, checked out of the Funny Lion Inn, and boarded two vans.

Next stop?  A wharf on Coron's  sleepy waterfront.

The Coron Ultimate Island Tour is a sometimes leisurely, sometimes challenging all-day eco-tour, which includes hiking, snorkeling, swimming, and a yummy picnic lunch. Did I forget to mention countless photo opps?

The tour ran from 7,30 in the morning until 4.00 in the afternoon. Best of all, it took us through a scenic seascape that provided countless photo opps.

Twin Lagoons

Philippine-palawan-day-two (10)

Approaching the Twin Lagoons off the coast of Coron. Accidental Travel Writer.

Departing our hotel at 7.30 am, we were driven to a modest wharf, where we boarded a wooden craft, which took us to the Twin Lagoons, which are surrounded by imposing limestone formations.

After dropping anchor, we were offered face masks and swimming fins.

I stuck with my swimming googles as the snorkeling mask seemed a bit difficult to manage. 

I knew there would be more snorkeling opportunities later in the day. I just wanted to enjoy the moment and struggle with a new skill later in the day.

With difficulty, I squeezed into swim fins, which did prove effective in propelling me through the azure waters.

We swam through a small cave from the first lagoon to the second lagoon, where we took a leisurely swim.

As we swam about the idyllic setting, the boat boys remained on board the boat in the first lagoon to barbecue our lunch.

Siete Pecados

Philippine-palawan-day-two (21)

Sete Pecados offer excellent snorkeling. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

After about 45 minutes, we returned to the boat and sailed to our next destination: Siete Pecades, which is Spanish for “seven islands”.

This time, I donned a snorkeling mask for the first time in my life. It took a few minutes to get accustomed to breathing through the mouth piece.

The first few times I took a breath, I expected water to come flowing into my mouth.

Before I knew it, however, breathing through the mouthpiece had become second nature.

I was rewarded by my efforts by all manner of coral reefs. I hadn’t realized how much variety there could be – even in such a relatively small locale.

Luck was on my side: I didn’t suffer any jelly fish bites the way a couple of the other bloggers did.

Bulungan Beach

Philippine-palawan-day-two (26)

Approaching Bulangan Beach. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

At 12 noon we sailed to nearby Bulangan Beach, which is exclusively available to guests taking tours operated by Expeditions

We disembarked and took photos while our tour guide and boat boys unloaded a mouth-watering spread, which was set up along a long table in the proverbial little grass shack with a view of the seas.

This was the kind of setting I always thought I could only see on television and in movies. Had I become a participant in “Survivor”?

There was a salad, sea grapes, and salsa as well as grilled pork and various types of seafood: calamari, unicorn fish, and crab. For dessert we had mango and watermelon.

I couldn’t believe such a mouth-watering meal could be put together on such a rickety boat.

As it turned out, the grilled dishes had been prepared by the boat boys as we were snorkeling in the waters of the hidden lagoon.

Kayangan Lake

Philippine-palawan-day-two (36)

This scenic vantage point above Bulangan Beach has been captured by countless photographers. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Following our mouth-watering lunch on beach, we were led up a steep path to a summit, where we enjoyed a spectacular view, which has appeared in countless travel posters and guide books, I am told.

Following our picnic lunch on the beach, we hiked up and down steep paths to Kayangan Lake, which is reputedly the cleanest lake in the Philippines.

The pristine cool waters offered welcome respite to the heat. I started to do the breast stroke. I was in my element. I practically made it to the other side before common sense kicked in and I head back to the others in my group.

Tired but happy, we returned to the beach, departing for the wharf at 2.45pm. The voyage took about 20 minutes.

We were driven to Decalachao Wharf, where we boarded a boat headed for Club Paradise. The voyage took about 40 minutes. Another adventure awaited.

International Travel Bloggers

Philippine-palawan-day-one (15)

International Travel Bloggers in posing atop Mount Tapyas in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer..

Following a fascinating and festive Travel Bloggers Exchange in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, participants of TBEX 2016 Asia Pacific were entitled to take familiarization trips to other parts of the Philippines.

I signed up for the Northern Palawan Eco Adventure tour along with eight other bloggers from around the word.

Arrangements were made by the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board and Intas Destinations Management.

We were flown from Manila to Coron by Cebu Pacific Air. See: Manila to Cebu flight review.

On the first day of our one night stay at the Funny Lion Lodge in Coron, we took a tour of the town. See: Coron Town Tour.

Where to Eat and Stay in Coron

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