Restaurant Review: Signature Salad Room Complements a la Carte Menu

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The all-day dining restaurant at Discovery Primea, Makati, offers diners the best of both worlds: a signature salad room that complements an a la carte menu with menu-watering dishes.

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Tapenade is the all-day dining restaurant at the Discovery Primea in Metro Manila. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Tapenade is the all-day dining restaurant at the Discovery Primea Makati in Metro Manila, the national capital of the Philippines.

Located on the hotel’s Lobby Level, the casual eatery is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The focus is on the “summery flavours” of the Mediterranean. The Signature Salad Room has a lavish spread of salad greens, fruits, deli meats, cheeses, oysters, pastries, breads – the list goes on.

Lavish buffets are served at all three meals. While this is where most hotel guests have breakfast, the restaurant is also popular with local foodies – always a good sign.


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There is a breakfast buffet at breakfast, but diners can also order from several dishes on an a la carte menu. The Filipino tapas (pictured) are delicious. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Morning guests choosing the breakfast buffet are entitled to order an entrée from the menu.

I was deep in conversation with a couple of other travel bloggers on my first morning so I didn’t read through the entire list of dishes on the menu.

The minute I saw “wagyu beef”, I stopped in my tracks and ordered that.

“Good choice,” one of my dining companions said.

“I ordered that yesterday, and it was excellent.”

And it WAS an excellent choice. As it turns out, it was “tapas”, a highly popular Filipino dish, which bears little resemblance to the Spanish tapas, or small bites, that have grown in popularity throughout the world in recent years.

Filipino tapas are, in fact, chunks of spicy braised beef, served with a poached egg on the side.

Needless to say, you would only find tapas made with wagyu beef in the dining room of a five-star hotel.

Talk about raising the bar a couple of notches! I ordered the same entrée at breakfast the following day.


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Odette Huang, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing, the Disocvery Leisure Company (left) and I have lunch at Tapenade.  Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

I had lunch on my second day with my old friend, Odette Huang, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing, The Disocvery Leisure Company.

We started with a trip to the Signature Salad Room, Then we ordered from the a la carte. A hamburger, a sandwich, pizaa, pasta, grilled seafood, sushi, a steak?

It was a difficult choice, but we finally settled on the baby back ribs, which I have since discovered are extremely popular in the Philippines.

Baby back ribs have, in fact,  been served in one form or another at almost all of the buffets and catered meals I’ve enjoyed during my stay in the Philippines so far.

I also see them featured countless restaurant menus. And each eatery seems to have its of special way of doing them.

For dessert we decided to share two of the most decadent options on  the menu:


Discovery Primea Makati, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Telephone Number: (63 2) 955-8888. For guest reviews and hotel room prices click on TripAdvisor or

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