Travelogue: How to Stuff More Stuff in Your Suitcase – and Make Packing Easier

Balinese Adventure Part 3

Michael Taylor makes several trips a year, but despite his love of travel, he hates packing. As he contemplates his 5th trip to Bali, he decides to invest in ‘travel cubes’.  Will they de-stress this tedious procedure once and for all?

According to the promotional materials, you can stuff 80% more stuff into your suitcase if you use travel cubes, a.k.a. packing cubes. While I find that a bit of a stretch, the idea of organizing things into separate containers DID make sense to me.

So I splashed out on a few travel cubes to use on my upcoming trip to Bali, where I will spend four weeks. After experimenting with them, I liked them so much that I returned to the shop and bought some more.

Suddenly this tedious procedure of packing became fun. It was like a game. Best of all, it’s not something I’m having to do all at once.

I was able to start ‘pre-packing’ several days before departure, stuffing underwear in one cube, tank tops in another cube, and toiletries in yet another cube. And everything seems so neat and tidy.

The good thing is that you can re-arrange things without stuff spilling all over the place. And I’m thinking, certain things that you only use on trips can be left in these cubes (which you can leave in your suitcase) after you return home.

Tangled Cords

I often get frustrated by tangled cords when I travel, and the cubes inspired me to gather up all the little pouches I’ve accumulated over the years and put my cords in them so that they don’t get tangled up with each other.

And that made me think, maybe I could use one of those pouches to put stuff that I won’t be needing while I’m away from home – stuff like my house keys and Hong Kong currency. When I return home, everything will in one neat little package.

We’ll see how it goes. At the end of my trip, I’ll let you know if my money was well spent.


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