Phuket Challenge: How Not to Gain Weight at Five Star Resorts

Despite my sincerest efforts not to overindulge when I travel – I go easy on the breakfast buffets and avoid desserts with a vengeance – I always seem to put on weight when I am away from home.

And as anyone with weight management issues will tell, it goes on a whole lot easier when it comes off.

So here’s my game plan: I am going to see if I can pit a carefully orchestrated programme of challenging physical activities against breakfast buffets in the morning and fine dining in the evening to see if for once in my life I can return from a trip weighing exactly what I weighed before my departure.

I have lined up stays at three five star resorts and one mass market hotel in Phuket, which is an island in Southern Thailand. I will spend two nights at Paresa, three nights at the Westin Siray BayResort & Spa, two nights at Mercure Patong Phuket, and two nights at Indigo Pearl Phuket.

Indigo Pearl has since been rebranded as The Slate.

On most days I will attempt to skip lunch. I will dine most nights at gourmet restaurants. But I will not “go for broke”, eating as much as I like. I will try to keep my eating within reason, and I will skip desserts unless something looks especially appetizing.

Can I maintain my weight? This is the challenge I have set for myself.

I have no notions of losing weight on this trip. To win this challenge, I will need only to weigh in at the same weight on the morning after my return that I weighed on the morning of my departure eight days earlier.

For the the record, that was 172 pounds. My height: 6 feet.

To Be Continued

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Can Michael avoid the temptation of yummy desserts such these at the Sunday brunch at Indigo Pearl Phuket? Photo Credit: Michael Taylor



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  1. This would be my ultimate challenge! I love food and considering that the food is priced extremely cheap (to American standards), I would have a bonanza! I guess this is also because when we travel, we don’t want to miss anything, so we take as much with us as possible, including trying all sorts of delicious food!

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