Hotel Review: Naiyang Park Resort, an Ecologically Friendly Retreat Near Phuket Airport

Naiyang Park Resort is a shady retreat covering two hectares. Adjoining Naiyang National Park, the hotel  has 49 bungalow-type rooms and suites, two food and beverage outlets, a swimming pool, and a fitness centre, which are set amid tropically landscaped grounds.


Phuket Challenge: Learning How to Windsurf – Not as Easy as It Looks!

First yoga on a terrace. Then an all you can eat buffet breakfast. My first meal of the day on my third full day in Phuket was followed by my first ever wind surfing lesson on the beach at Siray Bay. When I arrived on the beach, I was a bit surprised to find that only …

Phuket Challenge: How Not to Gain Weight at Five Star Resorts

Despite my sincerest efforts not to overindulge when I travel – I go easy on the breakfast buffets and avoid desserts with a vengeance – I always seem to put on weight when I am away from home. And as anyone with weight management issues will tell, it goes on a whole lot easier when …