Spa Review: Away Spa at W Hotel – Edgy, Contemporary, and Playful!



Part 23

Michael Taylor is back home in Hong Kong, but his Balinese adventure continues – in Cyberspace!

Today he reminisces about the spa treatment he enjoyed at Away Spa by W Hotels at W Bali Seminyak Retreat & Spa, the ninth stop on his whirlwind tour of Bali.


Detox and Renewal

Following a session of detox and renewal – with a hot stone bath, a steam bath, and an oxygen treatment – I was handed a length of bamboo and led through some simple moves that are said to promote agility, flexibility, and blood circulation. The moves are based on traditional Indonesian marshal arts.

I then went through a Morning After massage designed for renewal following a day of shopping till you dropped and dancing the night away. The heavenly oils used were infused with a combination of fresh lime, mint, basil, and rosemary

As usual, I slept through most of the massage so it’s difficult to comment on it. But I definitely did feel renewed and ready to face the day as I changed back into my clothes and made my way out of the spa.

Edgy, Contemporary, Playful

Unlike most of the other spas I visited in Bali, which had tropical themes, Away Spa – as with the rest of the hotel – had an ambiance that was edgy, contemporary, and playful.

There were three single treatment rooms with meditation platforms, two double treatment rooms with vitality baths, two spa suites with wet and dry treatment areas, a beauty room, and a salon for hair treatments, manicures, and pedicures.

Other facilities included male and female “wet” areas with hot stone bathes and cold plunges, detox lounges, an oxygen room, a Chill Bar, and a re-fuel area.

Make a Wish!

On his way out, Michael Taylor (left) reaches into the good luck jar and pulls out a lucky chip as Spa Manager Ni Made Arya Sitiari looks on.

One final touch – on your way out, you’re handed a bowl with chips in it.

Each one has something imprinted on it such as love or health or happiness.

You’re supposed to make a wish while throwing it into the pond that you pass by on your way back to the hotel.

Mine said, “Money!”

I live in Hong Kong. How appropriate!




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