Authentic Churros in Hong Kong?

Twist & Buckle is a churreria serving authentic churros in Hong Kong.

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A churreria in Kowloon serves the most authentic churros in Hong Kong. A sweet indulgence, they make a perfect breakfast, afternoon snack, post-work indulgence, or mouth-watering after-dinner  treat. Believe it or not, they go great with lemonade!

Churros Defined

The original churro is dusted in cinnamon and sugar and served hot.

So what, exactly, is a churro, anyway?

A churro is a kind pastry that consists of fried dough. To clarify, churros are made mostly of choux, a delicate pastry dough containing only butter, water, flour, and eggs.

In addition, rather than using a raising agent, choux depends on its high degree of moisture to create steam. And this causes the pastry to puff up naturally.

While choux is used in many European pastries, churros have their roots in the Iberian Peninsula.

Not only are churros popular in Spain and Portugal. In fact, they are also popular in many former Spanish and Portuguese colonies.

Therefore, you will find churros throughout Latin America as well as in the Philippines. In fact, they are also popular in France and the Southwestern United States.

Many people like to dip them in coffee or hot chocolate. And would you believe, some people like to pair them with lemonade?

Twist  & Buckle – Hong Kong’s First Churreria?

Opening in late August 2020, Twist & Buckle is apparently Hong Kong’s first and only churreria. In fact, was founded by two best friends with roots in Argentina.

Both of them have both worked in the the food and beverage industry in Hong Kong for several years. And between them, they have had more than 16 years of experience.

Regarding the tasty treats they are serving, they pay homage  to their favourite childhood snack back home: churros.

Only the best ingredients are used. And each loop of dough is made in a state-of-the art José Luis Blanco machine, which they describe as “the Ferrari of churro-makers”.

When asked why they had decided to open a churreria in Hong Kong, they said:

“To put a smile on people’s faces at a time where this was needed more than ever.

“We knew we had something unique to offer Hong Kong consumers. Our churros are value for money, fit for all ages, and most of all, FUN!”

And they describe their churros as “crisp on the outside, doughy on the inside”. And they are served piping hot on a takeaway basis.

Churros are often glazed, dunked in artisanal dips like dulce de leche,  or set atop creamy soft serve ice-cream.

While the shop has yet to start serving coffee, it suggests pairing them with its “creative” takes on a classic lemonade. In fact, they are currently selling four types.

Twist & Buckle – the Back Story

I was fascinated by the concept. And I had a few questions. So I decided to get in touch.

Here are some excerpts from my interview with the brains behind Twist & Buckle …

What is the story behind the name?

Twist & Buckle definitely sticks in your mind once you hear it. A play on sound and words if you will, but primarily, as a brand,  we deliver Churros with a twist so this seemed most fitting.

‘Buckle’ reflects the shape of the churro. Each fluffy golden loop is clasped or ‘buckled’ at the bottom.

How many types of churros does Twist & Buckle currently have? Is the  menu static, do you rotate them, or do you continually launch new types?

The brand continues to innovate and launch seasonal specials. However, our always-on menu has a total of 14 churros and four lemonades.

Any examples of your seasonal specials?

In October, we will be serving the limited-edition Spooky Churro.  And last month, we had two Mid-Autumn specials, which incorporated local, traditional ingredients like lotus seed paste and taro.

Where do you get inspiration for the different types? 

We’ve tried to incorporate the flavours we grew up with and so our menu includes white chocolate glazes on all our ‘Glazed’ varieties. And a range of nostalgic toppings feature M&M’s, popcorn, and more.

Combining housemade dulce de leche and grated coconut flakes in our ‘Coconuts’ Churro seemed like a slice of home, as back in Argentina, this was what we had day in and day out as kids.

We wanted to introduce this South American street snack to Hong Kongers in a ‘never seen before’ way. In addition, we wanted to elevate their experience of our childhood treat with added toppings and soft serve.

Locals and foreigners alike are keen to experiment and try new things here in Hong Kong. And so we knew we could have a bit of fun and great creative with our concept by introducing churros in Hong Kong.

Has Twist & Buckle had to make any adjustments to cater to local tastes?

Though Hong Kongers are known for their discerning taste, our menu has been very well received overall.  In fact, we have put a lot of thought into our churro selection to make sure there’s one to cater to every taste.

Not everyone in Hong Kong has a sweet tooth. Do you have any options for those who prefer something less sweet?

Those who prefer something a little less sweet can opt for our El Churro Original. Otherwise, they can skip the soft serve and go for a glorious Glazed.

And what about for those that want to throw caution to the wind?

Those feeling like they want to truly indulge can opt for our Special Sundaes, which promise decadence in its purest form.

Have you made any adjustments based on feedback?

We received feedback on the vanilla soft serve we had been offering with our churros. Consequently, we have now upgraded our machine to serve our customers only the best Hokkaido milk soft serve. And all our Sundaes boast a generous, creamy swirl of it,

Does Twist & Buckle have any plans to expand or is this a one-off venture?

YES indeed! We’re on the lookout for a good space and hoping to open more locations selling churros in Hong Kong very soon. Watch this space. Instagram/TwistAndBuckle

Twist & Buckle – Menu Highlights

Spooky churro.

Available from 26 October to 1 November, the deliciously terrifying Spooky Churro is garnished with Oreo crumble to resemble fresh earth and a marshmallow spider web.

And it comes complete with both blood-red strawberry and electric blue chocolate spiders.

Aloha churro.

The Aloha Churro features an Original Churro, which tops a Hokkaido milk soft serve topped with succulent mango bits and a drizzle of passion fruit compote.

Hazel Lah  churro.

The Hazel Lah Churro is a glazed churro topped with Nutella and finely chopped hazelnuts.

Cookie Monster churro.

The Cookie Monster Churro is an electric blue churro served with cookie crumble and creamy soft serve with a rich swirl of chocolate sauce.

Crunchy Matcha churro.

The Crunchy Matcha is a glazed churro studded with Matcha-infused white chocolate and fruity pebbles.

And in case you don’t know what matcha is, it is a kind of Japanese green tea, which is HUGELY popular in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.

In fact, it is incorporated into the recipes of many pastries, snacks, and beverages. And I’ve even seen matcha-flavoured toothpaste!


Twist & Buckle – 29-31 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The shop is located close to the K11 Mall and Harbour City. It is also a short walk to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station and the Star Ferry Terminal.


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