Health and Fitness: How to Stay Fit in Your Hotel Room in 10 Minutes

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Despite my best intentions, I often don’t make it to the hotel fitness centre when I’m traveling. And when I do, I’m often disappointed. Photographers often take advantage of mirrors to make hotel gyms look larger than they really are.

So it was great to discover that you can actually keep fit in your hotel room. You don’t need any gym equipment to do so. And it will only take you from 10 to 30 minutes!

The Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida, in the United States has developed a seven-minute exercise regimen. The high-intensity workout combines both strength building (using your own body weight) and cardiovascular exercises.

Each exercise is done for 30 seconds, with a 10-second rest before going on to the next exercise. Including breaks, the routine totals eight minutes. You can repeat the routine one or two times more if you like.

Find out how to do the new 7-minute workout in this LiveScience infographic.
Source: LiveScience

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