Information Technology: Top 10 Most Mobile Phone Addicted Leisure Travel Nationalities

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Can you leave home without your mobile phone? If not, there’s a good chance you’re from Asia! So which nationality suffers the worst mobile withdrawal symptoms if their phone goes missing?  Can you guess?

Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms after the pilot makes that announcement telling passengers to turn off their electronic devices?

Not me!

One of the things I used to like most about flying was that I didn’t have to answer the phone – and I couldn’t check my email.

When I spent nearly 2 weeks in the Pacific Northwest recently, I never got around to getting a local SIM card. And I seemed to manage just fine without it.

Not sure why, but when I returned to Hong Kong, my mobile phone wouldn’t function. And it took me nearly 6 weeks to finally make it to the Nokia service centre to find out what the problem was.

As it turned out, the battery had expired. I guess mobile phone batteries are like those Japanese electronic toys that were popular a couple of decades ago: If you didn’t ‘feed’ them regularly, they would die.

Mobile Phone Meltdown? Not!

Apparently I’m like most Americans. Only 35% of us would get stressed out if we had to go on holiday without a mobile phone. And we’re in good company.

Fully 36% of Brits; 33% of Colombians; 30% of New Zealanders; 29% of Australians, Danes, and Dutchmen; 28% of Mexicans; and 27% of Canadians feel the same way.

As do 46% of Hong Kong leisure travelers (having lived in Hong Kong for 22 years, I find that statistic a bit hard to believe) as well as from 39% to 40% of leisure travelers from Italy, France, and Russia.

But check out those Thais! Fully 85% of them can’t leave home without their mobile phones! The Koreans come in 2nd at 78% followed by the Japanese and Chinese at 69% and 60%, respectively.

Of the 28 nationalities surveyed, the Swedes, Spaniards, Argentineans, and Indians came in last with from 20% to 23%.

Top 10 Most IT Addicted Leisure Travel Nationalities

These figures represent the percentage of respondents that would feel stressed out if they went on holiday and discovered that their mobile phones had gone missing.

    1. Thailand – 85%
    2. Korea – 78%
    3. Japan – 69%
    4. China – 67%
    5. Singapore – 60%
    6. Taiwan – 53%
    7. Norway – 53%
    8. Brazil – 52%
    9. Ireland – 51%
    10. Finland – 50%


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