Legacy House: Hong Kong Restaurant Launches New Dim Sum Menu

Chinese dim sum is popular at Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Restaurants

The Legacy House launches a new dim sum menu, with a new twist on 17 classic dim sum dishes. The fine-dining Chinese restaurant focuses on Cantonese cuisine, with a spotlight on the elegant cooking style of Shunde.

The Legacy House – Overview

The Legacy House is a fine-dining Cantonese restaurant. In fact, the stylish eatery is among the best Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong.

So what exactly is Cantonese Cuisine? In fact, it is the cooking style that most people overseas associate with China.

In China itself, Cantonese cuisine is one of numerous cooking styles. But most foodies maintain that Cantonese cuisine is the best.

To clarify, Cantonese cuisine is the cooking style of Guangdong province.  And the provincial capital, Guangzhou, used to be called Canton in English.

Thus, Cantonese cuisine.

But Cantonese cuisine also varies from city to city, town to town, village to village.  And it is within that context that there are four standouts:

  • Guangzhou (Yue Cai) 
  • Chiu Chow
  • Hakka
  • Shun Tak

Not only do most foodies rank Cantonese Cuisine as the best of China’s many regional cooking styles.

In addition, they rank Shun Tak Cuisine as the best of Guangdong’s four most popular varieties.

So you could say, Shun Tak Cuisine is the best of the best.

BTW, Shun Tak is known as Shunde in Mandarin, the official dialect of Chins.

Classic Shun Tak dishes such as Roast Goose, Crispy Fried Pigeon, and Turnip Cake all figure prominently on The Legacy House menu.

The Legacy House is one of eight food and beverage outlets at the Rosewood Hong Kong, one of the most luxurious hotels in Kowloon.

The other F&B outlets include …

  • Holt’s Café
  • The Butterfly Room
  • DarkSide
  • Butterfly Patisserie
  • Asaya Kitchen
  • Bayfare Social
  • HENRY,


New Dim Sum Menu

Vegetable Dumplings with Spotted Garoupa and XO Sauce.
Fish Dumplings with Fungus and Tangerine Peel.
Lobster Dumpling.
Daliang style Chilled Mango, Pamelo, Sago, and Deep-Fried Milk.

Included in the new menu will be 17 of the most popular types of Chinese dim sum.

However, they have all been given a modern twist. Translation: premier ingredients and eye-catching presentation.

Dim Sum Defined

So exactly, what is dim sum? Essentially, dIm sum is a variety of small bites. And they defy an easy categorization.

Dim sum can be fried or steamed. Ingredients can include meat or seafood, vegetables or grain.

While most dim sum is served hot, some dim sum is served cold. And flavours can range from savoury to sweet to spicy.

In fact, the best dim sum is usually found at the elegant Chinese restaurants of five-star hotels in Hong Kong.

Restaurant Location

The Legacy House5th floor, Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:  (852) 3891- 8732.

The restaurant has direct access to Victoria Dockyard and the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. It is also a short walk from the Hong Kong Cultural Center and the Star Ferry Terminal.

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